Turks and Caicos boat tours offer you all the Island flavour you could dream of

27th October 2018 10:51 am

What better way to enjoy the silky turquoise seas around the Turks and Caicos then via boat? Island hop for fun day excursions, head to some of the best wreck-and-reef dive sites in the world, or simply enjoy the luxury of your own private vessel- Turks and Caicos boat tours with the Big Blue Collective allow you to experience the islands [and the world] from a novel new angle that will leave you feeling revived and refreshed.

Why opt for a Turks and Caicos boat tour with us?

The Big Blue Collective has been delighting holiday-makers for over 2 decades- not as work, but as a true passion. While our signature eco-adventures allow visitors the chance to explore off the beaten track with us, our Turks and Caicos boat tours let you truly embrace life [and fun] on the islands. With the humbling ocean our mistress in adventure, we’re super excited that we have the chance to share our love of diving, paddle boarding and surfing with you. By kayak, board or boat, sharing the secrets of this wonderful corner of the world is a delight.

Luxury island-hopping by boat

If you’re keen to catch up with your sunbathing but still explore the islands, a Turks and Caicos boat tour through the chain is perfect for you. Many island adventures focus only on Provo, with maybe a quick trip to Grand Turk thrown in for good measure, but that means you miss out on a whole lot of fun and adventure! Each island offers something truly unique for the visitor- enough to be an experience on its own- so island hopping allows you to get a little taste of each for yourself. Experience the unique culture and history that bring vibrancy to the islands, from the tender etchings of prehistoric peoples to the plantations and ruins of the salt industry. Of course, you’ll also want to sample each of the beautiful beaches that make this corner of the Caribbean so luxurious, explore the lush and vibrant tropical paradise that makes up the Islands’ ecosystem, and meet the marine, aquatic and land animals and birds that make up the spectacular natural diversity around us.

Expect any Turks and Caicos boat tour to be packed with exciting marine sightings. Life teams in the gentle, warm seas around us. See sharks and brightly coloured fish shoals flash past as turtles sedately paddle to land. Why not take advantage of the dive equipment all of the boats in our ample fleet are equipped with to explore some of the world’s best coral reefs while you are here? There’s even wreck sites and challenging walls to whet your appetite and hone your skills.

Meet our fleet for yourself

Our Turks and Caicos boat tours all make use of our recently revamped fleet, each fully outfitted for convenience as well as luxury. Our private charter boats allow you to shape your vacation around your wants and needs, and our powerboat fleet outdoes every other on the island. Sample our wave-thrashing catamarans, or upgrade to ultimate luxury with our fleet-leading 40 footer, a Hinckley which offers every boating mod-con you could want. Regardless of your choice, each boat comes with an experienced Captain and guide to keep her steady in the water, and they are fully equipped for snorkelling and diving. Don’t know how to dive yet? The Captains are certified to teach you in the open water on the spot. If you’re in the mood for an active holiday, our larger vessels also allow for all the tools needed for paddleboarding, kitesurfing and kayaking.

What destinations await me on my Turks and Caicos boat tour?

If you’re opting for one of our private charter Turks and Caicos boat tours, then there are no limits to what you can do. The day- and the boat- is your own. Nose your way up the stark, enrapturing mangrove channels that line the side of East Caicos and French Cay to see the uninhabited islands at their very best.  Creep softly through the Caicos Cays for a gentle ride on heavenly blue waters. Head to the many offshore dive sites to explore the world under the sea, or moor at the perfect spot to soak up the sun. It’s up to you!

Our Captain and helmsmen all have many years of experience on the waters of the Turks and Caicos. They can read the sea and understand her tides so your journey will always be smooth, and their time spent on the Island year-round give them the knowledge to craft you the perfect experience depending on what you want to enrich your holiday with. In-season, and provided the opportunity is appropriate, you may even get an up-close look at, and possibly interaction with the whales who pass through the Islands’ channels during their yearly migration. It’s almost guaranteed you will meet the dolphins and gentle stingray who flit through the lazy waters, too. The food onboard will be catered to your preferences, so there’s no need to touch land until night if you’re in the mood for waterborne adventure. Bring your own beats and your nautical spirit, and you’re all set!

Tailor-make your very own Turks and Caicos boat tour to suit your needs and spirit of adventure. Take advantage of the decades-long experience of our guides and Captains to plan an eco-adventure whose memories will last forever, or allow the beautiful island setting to revive your spirit and rejuvenate your soul from within. Play in the water, challenge your spirit of adventure, or bask in the warmth of the sun- it’s up to you when you allow the Big Blue Collective to enhance your trip and help you make the memories of a lifetime.

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Beautiful beaches abound: the best reason to visit the Turks and Caicos

23rd October 2018 10:50 am

There’s no doubt about it- the Turks and Caicos beaches are some of the best in the world. Today the Big Blue Collective walks you through the top 6 beaches of the Turks and Caicos, and why we think you deserve to try them all to for yourself!

  1. Grace Bay Beach

Of course, no list of the best beaches in the world, let alone the Turks and Caicos, would be complete without Grace Bay Beach. When it comes to the Turks and Caicos beaches, this is not only the best known but also one of the best-loved. It’s easy to see why. Cosy, high-quality accommodation rings the area, and access to the beach is possible from many points. Despite its status as the TCI’s most popular beach, it’s still surprisingly uncrowded, and many of the islands’ iconic wind- and water-sports can be accessed easily here. Sweetening the deal- as if it was needed- is the exquisite reef lying just off-shore, and the whole area’s protected status as a National Park. If you’re here for the kiteboarding, then this is the beach for you, with the reef providing the perfect combination of wind and waves. This is the Big Blue Collective’s home turf, and it will only take you a few seconds of standing on the crisp, soft white sand and staring into the shimmering turquoise sea to understand why so many people fall in love with Grace Bay beach.

2. Long Bay Beach

Kitesurfing at Long Bay Beach is on almost every surfer’s bucket list. Here’s where, in season, you’ll find the trade winds creating the ultimate scenario for challenging your skills, while the beach itself provides a gentle backing to ensure that kitesurfers of all ages can enjoy themselves. The water sports are far from all this Turks and Caicos beach has to offer you, however. Explore the wreck of the freighter, La Famille Express, if you’re looking for some exciting wreck diving in the TCI, poke around the colourful reefs, or head out on horseback to explore the island and fulfil your fantasies of snapping the perfect selfie galloping down a beach. Less populated than Grace Bay Beach, this tiny slice of paradise offers you everything you need for fun in the sun.

3. Sapodilla Bay Beach

Even the name of this ultimate Turks and Caicos beach evokes images of fragrant cocktails and stretching out on the sand. The calm, placid waters here encourage relaxation and refreshing your soul. If you want to add to the romance, head up Sapodilla Hill to see the ancient inscriptions which have been found in the area, and imagine the lives of the primitive people who once lived here, long before the salt industry came to the islands. There’s also a gorgeous rocky landscape to poke around if you’re in the mood to get active on land.

Relaxation isn’t all this beautiful area offers, though. Chalk Sound is a stone’s throw from the beach, and offers some exquisite potential for fun on the water. The vista that will flash below you is one of the most beautiful in the TCI so you won’t be disappointed. The Chalk Sound National Park even has its own landlocked lagoon, and is the perfect area for kayaking and eco-friendly exploration.

4. Mudjin Harbour Beach

Looking for something a little different? Explore a whole new take on the Caribbean with Mudjin Harbour. Here you’ll find the perfect white sand of the Turks and Caicos beaches ringed by towering limestone cliffs and a cheerful lighthouse for a heart-stopping panoramic effect. A short overland trip will bring you to the matching caves of the island, perfect for cool midday exploration, and Dragon Cay is just a stone’s throw away too. The Conch Bar caves are the most famous feature of this area, but there are a few insider secrets the Big Blue Collective can share with you too.

Don’t let the name deter you too much- there’s no mud to be found. The cove was originally named by sailors longing for their Bermudian home, and it’s just been tweaked to suit the easy, laid-back island style since. If you’re keen on a day of play and adventure this beach is the destination for you. Bask in the warm sun a little, or get busy exploring. The Big Blue Collective can assist you with snorkel and dive gear, and show you a few secrets of the area too. Water sports are also plentiful here, and the kitesurfing makes a nice break from Provo.

5. North Bay Beach

North Bay Beach is often forgotten- but it certainly shouldn’t be. The Turks and Caicos beaches are all superlative, but this one is also surprisingly quiet. Slightly off the beaten tourist track, tucked into the sides of Salt Cay, you may well find yourselves the only souls on this beautiful beach. The area’s perfect for a luxury private boat charter trip, if living the high life sounds like your ultimate celebration, so why not plan to play for the day in style? It’s also one of our favourite stops on our iconic eco-tours.

6. The Hidden Beaches of Western Caicos

Our top Turks and Caicos beaches have, so far, all been easily accessible. Each is a known beauty spot, offering fun, relaxation, sport and gorgeous vistas. Each one has its own personality, history and special sights, and we would recommend any of them in a heartbeat. If you’re a global nomad, though, and you’re looking for something truly different, then we suggest one last Turks and Caicos beach group to you- the beaches of Western Caicos.

Western Caicos is completely uninhabited, and only typically visited by our eco-tours and other brave explorers. These aren’t beaches you can just walk onto, although the Big Blue Collective are happy to help you get there through our guided private charters. In fact, we strongly recommend you add in some diving and snorkelling for the full West Caicos experience! These sheltered, special beaches may be tiny and less well known, but they’re also a unique chance to stand alone on some of the most beautiful sand in the world, and experience your very own slice of a private Caribbean beach- an experience you will have nowhere else in the world.

From the chance to experience the perfect solitude of West Caicos to the bustling beauty of Grace Bay beach, the Turks and Caicos beaches are truly exceptional. Why not get in touch with the Big Blue Collective today, and let us help you craft the perfect beach-hopping holiday to refresh your soul?

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6 essential facts you need to know about the Turks and Caicos

5th October 2018 10:48 am

Are you heading out to the Turks and Caicos this holiday season? Then it’s time to brush up on your TCI facts and know-how! Fortunately, you have the Big Blue Collective making sure your whole experience is perfect, start to end. Here are our pro tips on what to know before you head to the TCI.

  1. It’s surprisingly easy to get here- but a touch unusual to get around

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we guarantee you can get here smoothly. There are several international destinations which even offer structured flights right through to the islands! If you’re not quite that lucky, all you’ll need to do is head to the mainland of the US, from which it’s a just a short hop to get here. You’ll land on our beloved Providenciales- Provo to those in the know- which is home to our only international airport. Do remember that you’ll need passports even if you are a U.S or U.K citizen, and that some wider-ranging visitors may need visas too.

The Turks and Caicos transport may look a little different from home, though. Our cabs pay per person, not per ride, so come prepared. Taxis can be a little pricey, as with every holiday destination, but private cars can easily be hired. Do yourself a favour, though, and book in advance. You won’t be able to catch an Uber here, as we’re still waiting for them to come to the islands.

2. Don’t get stuck in Grace Bay or you’ll miss out

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Turks and Caicos, it’s that a wealth of beauty awaits you at every turn. There’s a reason Grace Bay beach is so beloved, of course- it’s a truly exceptional place to relax and unwind. But don’t let that be your only experience of the TCI! Nearby Long Bay beach offers fantastic rejuvenation and sporting experiences too, there’s all the glory of quaint Grand Turk to get familiar with, and adventurers just have to head out into the water on a private boat charter, or take an eco-tour to the uninhabited, lush outer islands to meet the exciting wildlife of the area. Kayak mangrove swamps, visit Iguana Island, dive and snorkel among some of the Caribbean’s best reefs, wrecks and walls, kite surf up the Chalk Bay Sound… a whole world of experience awaits you, so don’t get too comfy in Grace Bay. Remember, all Turks and Caicos beaches are free to access, so you can explore to your heart’s content.

3. Private villas are easy to find

There’s a whole lot of accommodation in the TCI, from chain hotels right through to private villas, and much of it does centre on Grace Bay and Long Bay. There’s no need to resign yourself totally to the hotel experience, however. Beachfront villas- even some remarkably well-priced ones- are pretty easy to come by, and the Big Blue Collective can assist you in finding the perfect match. Many offer airport pickups, full service and maybe even extras like a spa or your own butler. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find a beautiful view of your very own waiting for you in the Turks and Caicos.

4. Simple, tasty food is not to be missed

If you love your haute cuisine, there’s plenty to be had on Provo, the Turks and Caicos fine dining capital. However, you may just miss out on some of the best parts of your travel experience if you don’t venture out for something more casual. For starters, there’s the iconic weekly Fish Fry in Bight Park, as well as a host of Conch inspired dishes to try snacking on. In these beautiful surrounds, dining al fresco allows you to sample the very best of the fresh fish, lobster, conch and chowder that the waters around the islands produce. What’s available does depend on the season you visit us in- so that’s all the more reason to come back again and again to sample the super-fresh, delectable foods of the Turks and Caicos over and over again. Don’t forget a glass of Grand Turk Rum Punch while you’re here!

Do note, if you have food sensitivities or allergies, that it’s totally O.K under the law to bring in your own food to eat, too. But unless you have a good reason to avoid the seafood, you’ll be missing out on a spectacular experience by doing so.

5. Bring your party shoes as well as your bikini

Get the most from your Turks and Caicos experience, and come ready to party. We promise they don’t roll up the roads at night! Head to nightlife hotspots like Danny Buoys or the Sand Bar to learn how to party Turks and Caicos style, and meet up with the friendly locals too. After a day playing hard among the wind and water, or even just rejuvenating under the sun, a chance to let your hair down and meet new friends will set the perfect mood.

6. The TCI will feel a lot like home, in all the best ways

The Turks and Caicos is a British territory, and we’re just a hop away from the U.S too. This means you’re bound to feel at home on the TCI islands. Everyone speaks English, the U.S dollar is the de facto currency and tipping culture is consistent with the U.S. You’ll find friendly people, lots of help and great service waiting around every corner, and there’s enough of a feel of ‘home’ that you’ll fit right in without the need for an adjustment period. The TCI is on UTC -4, or Eastern Daylight Time, so set your watches and smartphones accordingly.

The Turks and Caicos experience is one like no other. Where else can you open your windows and see palm-fringed sand beckoning you? Play in the water, relax on the beach and experience new and glorious vistas every day. The Big Blue Collective is here to help you make your Turks and Caicos dreams a beckoning reality, so get in touch today.

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What’s the TCI’s weather like in May?

17th October 2018 10:48 am

While the Turks and Caicos weather is pretty clement for most of the year, it’s always good to know exactly what you can expect from your time on the island. Fortunately, the TCI weather in May is among the best you will experience, and occupies the perfect sweet spot for your travels. Today, the Big Blue Collective take a closer look.

What season is it in May?

The TCI’s weather in May is the first of the so-called ‘hot’ months-don’t worry, though, it’s never actually cold! November to April is traditionally viewed as the ‘cool’ season, but the annual variance is only something like 10° F. Oddly, however, the difference is quite noticeable, possibly due to the close proximity of so much warm water to amplify the heat. This makes May one of the most perfect months in which to travel, where you still get a crisp breeze or two but all the fun of the warm season and the opportunity to explore the island with fewer crowds hemming you in. It’s also one of the very best if you’re an avid on-land outdoorsman. Cycling, hiking or having fun exploring the rich historical heritage of the island are all perfect at this time of year, before it heats up too much. The water sports, as always, remain excellent year round, and the Turks and Caicos in May favours adventure.

What can I expect from the TCI weather in May?

If you’re visiting the TCI in May, you’re just past the cusp of what’s defined as the ‘high season’. This means you’ve beaten the tourist rush, without losing out on any of the glorious Grace Bay weather that makes it one of the best beaches in the world. In fact, temperatures will be climbing a little if you love to bask. There is a small possibility of some rain in May, but don’t worry- it will be an intermittent shower which will pass soon enough. Typically, these occur around 8pm at night, so you’ll likely be lying back with cocktails and enjoying the cooling effect rather than suffering any real inconvenience The lower rainfall in this month means mosquitoes won’t yet be an irritant, so that’s another plus. The last dregs of the trade winds tend to chase away any winged pests who may be encouraged by the hotter weather.

May is the last month before hurricane season officially hits the TCI.  It’s very rare for a strong hurricane to hit the islands, however, for all the recent passing through of Hurricane Irma, and the ‘worst’ of the weather comes much later in the year. Still, if you’re keen to avoid any interruption to your holiday by inclement weather then May is the month for you. There’s even better news! Despite the common perception that it’s better to come in winter for the many exciting wind-and-wave sports on offer, conditions are actually pretty great year-round. If kiteboarding and windsurfing are your thing you’ll be able to have fabulous fun on the water, so come ready to play whatever your definition of fun!

What can I do in the TCI in May?

It’s too late in the year to spot whales at play, but nothing else the TCI has to offer will be off-limits to you, and the Grace Bay weather is perfect for lounging in the sun and playing in the waves. Now is the also the ideal time for travellers with a tight budget to enjoy the islands with a little extra room in your pocketbook, too. As always you should make sure you bring your sunblock of choice to avoid sporting a lobster-red tan, particularly at midday!

What activities can I participate in?

With the Turks and Caicos weather prompting everyone to enjoy, there can be little surprise that many festivals and activities take place throughout May. Sports fishers will find plenty to do regardless of when in this month you visit, but if you are coming late in May you could even catch the Caicos Classic Annual Release Tournament. This offshore fishing tournament allows line-fishing teams to size up each other’s catch in a friendly challenge.

If you have Mexican heritage [or just want to join the fun] Cinco de Mayo is held near Turtle Bay on the Islands, so put on your best party clothes and come celebrate with us! More unique to island culture, May is also the month for the Big South Regatta. This festival of all things nautical- boat races, concerts, entertainment, food and more- has been a tradition of the islands since 1967, and if you’re looking for some local flavour nothing could be better. Dance around a maypole, enter the local beauty pageant, or just sit back and let the upbeat vibe replenish your soul.

Sports fans, it’s time to get excited too. The Women’s International Festival of Football is also held in May, featuring our local talent squaring off against an invited international team. It’s also the season for the Windvibes Kiteboarding Tournament, which will give you the perfect chances to check out the very best of the best, and even join in on a free kiteboarding beginner lesson if you’re keen. There’s prizes, raffles and plenty of tasty eats and drinks to enjoy.

What should I know about Grace Bay’s weather?

Many visitors to the TCI call Grace Bay the best beach in the world, and it certainly makes Top 10 lists enough to earn the title. Powder soft white sand and achingly clear water will great you, clear of debris and flotsam, calling to you to lie down and enjoy the sun. A gorgeous coral reef lies just offshore, yet even in the peak season the crowds are not unbearable. Glamorous quality accommodation rings the entire area for your comfort, and access points are plentiful. In short, it’s perfection.

It’s difficult to imagine that this area is also part of the protected Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park, sheltering a huge diversity of marine life, birds and wildlife, but it is. The entire area is tranquil, sheltered and perfect for relaxation and play alike. The stunning Grace Bay weather contributes hugely to this. Expect the beach to be rather hot in May- the Turks and Caicos weather doesn’t mess around! Later in the summer it may be too hot by noon for even the most sun-loving sunbather, but you’ll still be able to get in a good long basking session for the moment. Weather conditions for kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing are clement too.

The Turks and Caicos weather is great no matter the time of year, but the TCI’s weather in May is something special all of its own. With Grace Bay’s gorgeous weather calling you to relax, and all the fun of the many festivities island-wide, May is the perfect time to party in the Turks and Caicos. Come meet the Big Blue Unlimited team today, and make your island dreams a reality.

oday, and make your island dreams a reality.

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