Made in Turks and Caicos

In the post slavery era the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands had to produce all their own goods. Men and women utilized the land to provide for them, living a subsistence lifestyle. The innovation born of that hardship lives on in the culture of the people. On the island of Middle Caicos, the elders still produce the weavings and sloops which characterize their handcraft heritage. Bowls, bags and baskets are made using phenner grass and the leaves of the native silver top palm tree. The phenner grass is dried, woven and bound with the leaves of the palm creating a durable handcraft. Handicrafts can be purchased at the Middle Caicos Handcraft Co-Op in the village of Conch Bar or at various outlets on Providenciales branded under the name ‘Handmade in TCI’. They can also be purchased in the home of local artisans during the Big Blue ‘Heart of the Islands Eco-tour’. Big Blue provides full-sponsorship for the employment of the shop-keeper at the Handcraft Co-op.

The Caicos Sloop

The Caicos Sloop is a single mast vessel that was used for essential trade between Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the southern Bahamas. Today, the Middle Caicos Sailing Club leads a revival in the popular pastime of miniature sloop sailboat races. Built from the Gum Elemi tree, the mini sailboats come together once a year at the Valentine’s Day Cup to establish local bragging rights.

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