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Grace Bay dive sites are located along the north shore of Providenciales and only 10 minutes from Big Blue.  The dive sites range from 30 feet to 100 feet at the bottom of the ‘mini’ wall.  The top of the wall is characterised by lively spur and groove coral formations and large plateaus of sand, which provide some picturesque diving in easy conditions. Grace Bay is located within the Princess Alexandra National Park and as such is vibrant and healthy. The tidal currents and Atlantic weather patterns can govern the condition of the water. Dive trips are timed accordingly when possible. 

Pine Cay is a 15-minute boat journey from Leeward and lies to the north east of Providenciales.  This area is a little deeper than Grace Bay and is characterised less by sand and more by large undulating coral hills.  Large schools of fish, lobster and turtles are common here.  It is an excellent area to dive offering high water clarity. It is one of the favourite dive areas for the Big Blue instructors.

North West Point is famous for its steep wall and is approximately 45 minutes from Leeward on the west coast of Providenciales.  Starting at 40 feet in the sand it does indeed drop off several thousand feet into the blue.  There is an incredible amount of life on the walls, which is also marked by several gullies, cracks and overhangs.  It is worth bringing a flashlight on these dives, as much of the marine life is lives in the recesses along wall. North-West Point is also an excellent training area offering good sand and coral in a 20-30ft-depth range.

French Cay can be among the best diving in the Turks and Caicos and is another favourite destination for Big Blue.  The diving is more advanced here with potential currents, heavy seas and deeper water below the boat.  The sea life is outstanding with a high chance of encountering reef sharks and eagle rays.  The top and sides of the wall host an estimated 80% coral cover and support large amounts of fish and invertebrates life.  French Cay is a 60-minute boat ride away from Big Blue in Leeward.

West Sand Spit is 6 miles south of French Cay. Its namesake derives from a long sand bar that marks the end point of the westward drift of oolitic sand across the Caicos Banks from the Ambergris Cays. The protection afforded by the sand bar has allowed a healthy coral system to flourish and its remote location sees few divers.

West Caicos also offers some excellent diving about 75 minutes by boat from the Leeward.  Stretching along its leeward shore there is an outstanding and awe inspiring wall that starts at 50 feet and disappears into the abyss.  Here too there is a good opportunity to see eagle rays, reef sharks and other large pelagic.  The proximity of the wall to the shore provides favourable surface conditions and is a popular location for private boat adventures as well as Big Blue’s ‘Edge of the Banks’ Adventure. Just north of West Caicos lies Sandbore Channel, which, although very tidal when timed accordingly, does offer exceptional, if not some of the absolute best diving with prolific marine-life.