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Kalama Kamps

Turks and Caicos Kalama Kamps

Big Blue Collective’s Philip Shearer and Dave Kalama came together for their first Turks and Caicos Kalama Kamp in 2010, and were introduced to each other by Robby Naish (Hawaii). Brody Welte (Paddlefit) was integral in the first Kamp and immediately saw the potential of bringing Big Blue and Kalama Kamp together in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It’s one of Kalama Kamp’s favorite places to go because Big Blue offers everything, and Turks and Caicos has it all, with unbelievable conditions for down-winding, surfing and eco paddling. They have the boats and a great team, and really know their way around the islands. I’d say that this is one of the top three destinations to paddle, and Big Blue is a huge part of that

Brody Welte

Our annual October Kalama Kamp kicks off the Big Blue season and is an ideal time to SUP in the islands. The weather and conditions are perfect. The end of the summer usually offers calm, flat waters perfect for instruction and exploration while the end of the Atlantic Hurricane season also has a tendency to serve up storm swells that can and often do produce world class waves. It’s early enough in our season whereby Kampers have undiluted access to any of Big Blue’s boats in the fleet needed for down wind support, reef access but also for non-SUP adventures.

10-12 Kampers are hosted at Blue Haven Resort – a few short steps from Big Blue, where all food and drink are inclusive meaning that the week is entirely focused on the paddle, the board, instruction and the ocean.

Essentially Kampers are assessed and then “re instructed” in the terms of the correct paddle stroke techniques. This is NOT to be underestimated. What Dave and John give Kampers are very clear guidelines and a framework on how to be good, strong and efficient paddlers. With the use of cameras and instance iPAD feedback, Kampers can see exactly where they are going wrong and right.

Come day 3 Kampers are ready for real adventure and Philip, Dave and John will discuss the best options. Hit the waves on the reef, open water paddling or back country safaris. There are so many options and Philip and his Big Blue SUP have unearthed so many gems that no two days are the same. The week is often broken up by either a half-day or full day non – paddling Turks and Caicos Excursion adventure.

We use Imagine SUPs and Quickblade paddles. We have water packs, snacks on hand and are surrounded by breathtaking beauty.


DURATION: 7th – 14th October 2017

  • 6 days
  • All meals except 2 lunches and ‘fish fry dinner’
  • Transportation, to and from airport
  • Private Villa


KALAMA KAMP RATES (per person $US) 2017

Single Occupancy (King Bed, private bathroom)

Double Ocupancy (King Bed, private bathroom) per person

Double Occupancy (spouse non SUP)

Resident rate (full course, 2 meals per day)

Resident rate (half course, 1 meal per day)