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A true Hawaiian waterman in every sense of the word, is a legend in is own right and needs no introduction. He has surfed, Sup, windsurfed every conceivable break and has a love for long distance paddling. He is a shaper and designer following the tradition in a long line of legendary Hawaiian surfers. Today he is the head shaper and designer for Imagine surf. Suffice to say his boards are awesome in the waves and excel in flat water too.


“Big John”, lives in Florida and has worked with and known Dave for over 20 years. Having lived in Hawaii, John played an active role in the pioneering of Big Wave tow-in-surfing, most famously Peahi (aka Jaws). He has towed in many of the legends from Dave himself, to Laird Hamilton and Brett Lickle. He starred in the movie “Riding Giants” and has been part of the SUP since its inception. He is a PaddleFit Pro and also has a long history with Brody. John is a superb instructor, offering great care, humility and above all a great sense of humour. He is also a performance coach and sports psychologist. He specializes in stress replacement therapy and how to reduce stress by focusing the mind. His Heart Math introduction is not only ideal for SUP but for life!


Owner of Big Blue Collective and TCI expert bringing a lifetime of experience in, on and under the TCI waters. A waterman, Philip is an avid SUPer, kiter and free diver. He’ll take the pictures, skipper the boats, coordinate the week and lead the SUP adventures while supporting Dave and John with instruction.

Philip from Big Blue is the man. Big Blue has such a great operation, with new, top-of-the-line equipment for SUP surfing and paddling. Kalama Kamp is about sharing an authentic healthy lifestyle with people that have a passion for the ocean. Philip and Big Blue epitomize what we are trying to create for our Kampers. It’s simply a perfect fit.

Dave Kalama



Big Blue’s head SUP instructor. He is Paddle Fit certified and has been integral to every TCI Kalama Kamp bar one. To say he is laid back and jovial is an understatement. Always smiling and with a wealth of local knowledge, Ray helps Philip from start to finish throughout the week.