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Kids Kamp

Summer Watersport Camps

Every July, as soon as school is out, Big Blue focuses on kids between the ages of 9-16+. Kids are exposed to the ocean, its ecology and are taught the skills in order to actively engage with both.


For two weeks straight, Monday – Friday, 8.30am -5.30pm children are instructed and educated while exploring and adventuring through our beautiful back yard, called the TCI. This is a unique time to expose our children, who are otherwise too busy at school, to learn about our wildlife and maritime environment while at the same time having fun under relaxed and extremely safe conditions.

Big Blue want to provide a platform that:

  • Is good for confidence
  • Creates team ethics through bonding
  • Has creates empathy of how the environment is affected by our actions
  • Is excellent for healthy lifestyles, outdoors rather than indoors
  • Gives children a love for new activities they may not have considered
  • Above all gives children a lifetime love and respect for the Oceans – our most precious asset

Group sizes are kept to 8-10 and junior scuba divers are learning or certified are split into another group to focus on SCUBA alone.

We take children into the mangroves, to deserted cays and islands, onto the reef and under the sea over our walls to experience first hand all that Big Blue has to offer. They are taught about boats, ropes, anchors, moorings as well as proper maritime etiquette in regards to corals and other sensitive habitats.

The education they are given is also seen by Big Blue has having to be two fold.

  • The actual instruction of the skills themselves
  • What the learning and successful understanding of these skills and concepts provides the children with.

In our first Kids Kamp we certified almost 20 junior open water divers and had 20 other kayaking, snorkeling, SUPing and exploring these amazing islands. This year many of those children are booked to continue as certified divers, while new arrivals will get a taste of what Big Blue is all about.


Book your Kalama Kids Kamp early to avoid dissapointment.