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Caicos Cays

Kayak Tours Providenciales

This is a simple and cost effective way to see some beautiful territory. The Caicos Cays stretch northwards from Big Blue’s base at Leeward on Providenciales and run all the way up to North Caicos (approximately 10 miles). You can paddle on either side of the islands and gauge the route according to tide and wind direction. The east side (Caicos Banks) is shallow and includes more mangroves. The west side (turquoise lagoon) is deeper and runs along the beaches and reefs. There are numerous places where you can cross between the two bodies of water and complete a circumnavigation to suit your abilities and endurance. A kayak sail can be used to assist with the downwind leg and drastically reduce the paddle effort required.

Big Blue offers this private kayak eco-tour as a guided or self guided option and it can be supported by motorboat if required. A typical itinerary might include a paddle north up the shallow banks and then through the Pine Cay Channel to Fort George Cay for a rest and picnic. Followed by a paddle back down on the north shore to Leeward.