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Kiteboarding instructions

KiteBoarding Instructions on the Turks and Caicos Islands

Big Blue’s kiteboarding instructors are highly qualified and experienced PASA and IKO certified. Instruction and lessons are set out and designed to meet the specific needs of any individual from first timer to advanced intermediate.

We will either pick you up at your hotel or meet you on the beach ready to take you through your first steps or help push you to greater heights. There are many ways to learn kiting. The bottom line is to be a safe kite boarder. Be able to make good assessments, good decisions based on wind and weather as well as personal experience while be aware of one’s surroundings both launch and land areas as well as other people. The most comprehensive way to learn is to go through our 3 step process below which is a 5½-6 hour learning curve. There is no guarantee you will be up and riding at the end but what you will have is all the knowledge to learn safely and go out there and make your own mistakes but in a safe way.

If time is of the essence then for sure our most popular course is the way to go. Bear in mind that it is a condensed course designed to get you in the water and on a board quickly. It is highly recommended that if you end up loving the sport, to come back to us for a course to focus on SAFETY systems, troubleshooting and self-rescue.