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Instruction – Tax Exempt
Instructor to Student Ratio
Instruction 1:1 
Instruction 1:2
Beginners Only Kite Experience 1:1 3 hours

*Lessons typically done at shore club in Long Bay, alternate locations decided and arranged by the instructor dependent on conditions. Transportation from Grace Bay area included.

3 Step Package 7 hours 

NOTICE: Course durations only serve as a guideline. Students learn at different speeds depending on previous sporting background and natural ability. A typical course runs anywhere from 5-8 hours. It is common to stop after Lesson 3 and return when students have hit a wall so to speak.

CHILDREN: We welcome children but are reluctant to set an age limit. 10-12 is a good guideline BUT the final call will always come down to the instructor as to how they perceive the child’s capacity to learn safety and understand the importance of trouble shooting a kite problem. Simply put the maturity of children varies enormously.