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Prior Experience & Questions

You need to be comfortable in the water and able to swim to take lessons. An open mind is the best asset you can bring to your first lessons.

Prior watersports can help as can other board sports, but not always. Bottom line you will get wet, very wet and salty. If it were really easy everyone would be doing it. Trial and error is a huge part of the learning curve at every step of the way.

Away from Long Bay is it highly advised that riders can troubleshoot, perform self-rescues, make deep water starts and assess conditions and correct gear choice.

Riding in off shore wind conditions is best done with a buddy and even then riders must decide whether they can swim back and completely release themselves from their kite – not always the best or only choice but RISK ASSESSMENT is a fundamental aspect to making SAFE choices when kite boarding.

Bottom line – we are here to HELP.