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Wind & Conditions

The conditions are ideal for learning and teaching with waist deep water, onshore trade winds with lots and lots of space. 90% of all our kiteboarding lessons and instruction take place on the island of Providenciales at Long Bay Beach, just east of the Shore Club. Low tides are optimum for most instruction situations, although more advanced students no longer need to be able to stand in the water are sometime taught mid tide.

CONSISTENT NE TRADE WINDS typically blow from about mid November, through until mid August with wind speeds ranging from 12 – 20+ knots or 9m -12m kite sizes. The whole of the south side of Provo is essentially on shore perfect for flat-water learning, boosting and tricks, while Grace Bay and the outer reefs, great for kitesurfing is best sampled by season riders comfortable troubleshooting and water-starting in deep water – too deep to stand in.

FRONTAL SYSTEMS from the continental US can bring some really strong winds and steam in from the NW, meaning Grace Bay is now on shore, with sand bars and reefs covered in ramps.

There are so many backcountry stashes on Provo, around Provo and on other islands that to list them here would be almost endless. If you want to try a new place just call us. We have 3 main options easy to get to and amazing to experience, from mangroves, to flat-water heaven to out island paradises.

TIDES play a massive role in all aspects of kiting here, especially in the really cool spots, like the reefs, the slicks and the shallows. Sometime only a high tide will suffice and sometimes only a low tide works.

CURRENTS due to tidal movement also have a great affect on the surface conditions but also the apparent wind so be aware, ask around, better still ask us. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Scuba or Beach cruising just for a start.