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French Cay and the Caicos Banks

French Cay Bird Sanctuary - Caicos Banks Boat Charters

French Cay is a small island and national bird sanctuary on the edge of Caicos Banks 18 miles directly south of Providenciales. Our comfortable and stable vessels can reach the island in less than one hour from our Leeward Base. French Cay received its name from a notorious pirate who used the outpost as a raiding station in the 18th century to attack merchant ships using the deep channels between the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Some of the best snorkeling and diving reefs in the TCI are found fringing this small bird inhabited island and a few miles further away is the site of an ancient shipwreck on the shallow Molasses Reef. The Shipwreck was excavated by marine archeologists in the 1980’s and forms the centerpiece for National Museum on Grand Turk.