Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco Adventures, Paddle Turks & Caicos | BIG BLUE COLLECTIVE

Custom / Private Snorkeling

Half-Day Adventures
Snorkel or dive on the barrier reef, cruise the Caicos Cays or explore Provo’s north-shore along Grace Bay & Blue Hills. Visit the iguana sanctuary (park fee) and enjoy beautiful beaches and reefs. From $1000.

Full-Day Adventures
North West Point, French Cay, West Caicos and beyond. Beach hop the north-shore, circumnavigate Provo, explore a lake, find ruins, jump cliffs, discover caves, snorkel reefs, dive walls or paddle remote coves and beaches. From $1800

Ultimate Boat Adventures
Take a boat from Leeward, Provo to the remote islands of East Caicos to explore wild beaches, great snorkeling and epic paddling. Or head across the Banks to South Caicos to dive, snorkel, paddle or kiteboard and enjoy the unique local history culture of the Caicos Islands. Endless possibilities. From $2,600

Big South’ Adventures (9hrs+)
It is a short flight to the historic and peaceful island of South Caicos; fishing capital of TCI. Enjoy a guided tour through the historical streets and salt ponds of Cockburn Harbour. Boat trips from South Caicos either visit nearby cays & snorkel reefs or explore up the wild east coast all the way to McCartney Cay and the tip of East Caicos. The area is truly a jewel in the TCI. From $750 for 2 persons. Guests pay separately for airport transfers, flights & lunch.