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Big Blue provides the best and most respected Humpback Whale experience in the Caicos Islands. The Big Blue team has been trained by Philip Shearer, our in house whale expert who worked on the Silver Banks for nine years as a whale guide together with the late Captain Piers van der Walt of Aggressor fleet.

Big Blue has adopted the strict guidelines of the Silver Banks (Dominican Republic) and followed them closely since our inception in 1997. Every year we get better and learn more about close encounter humpback whale experiences.

Our aim is to provide our guests with some of the best whale encounters ever. No two encounters are ever the same and require heightened sensitivity towards the whales and their behavior.

Our golden rule: it is the whales that give us the encounter. It is the whales that dictate the encounter not us. We can however, with careful approach and understanding, increase the likelihood of either a successful surface encounter or the highly sought after in water encounter.

Over the years we have had some truly memorable experiences from freeing a whale from a gill net to spending eight and a half hours in the water with three whales to dolphins and whales to jaw dropping full body breaches.

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