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Whale watching

Whale Watching Turks and Caicos; Guided Eco Tours

From the first sighting in December or January to the last in April, all our boats, tours, captains, crew and office are in constant communication about where we are seeing whales around the Turks and Caicos Islands. A dive trip may be returning and a snorkel trip starting, if the dive crew spot whales in the area they will advise our snorkel team, so on and so forth. Since Big Blue adventures to all four corners of the Caicos islands this means we see more whales than anyone else. One need only follow our Facebook page to see this.

Generally speaking our trips and adventures will always have a one eye on the open ocean, just in case we see the unusual or amazing. During the winter months however we slant all our trips to increase the chances of creating a whale encounter.

All the above trips and even the morning and evening trips to North Caicos for Heart of the Islands etc. will be on the look out for whales. It is exciting but there are no guarantees. The whales pass through in waves. It is not unusual to have two weeks of high activity followed by low to no activity and silence. What we do know and have learned is to be ready.