top 5 things to do in the turks and caicos

While the Turks and Caicos have an amazing beach vibe, you probably won’t want to play in the sand the whole day! Half the fun of a vacation to gorgeous islands like the Turks and Caicos is in the fun you’ll be having in the water. That’s why the Big Blue Collective has rounded up 5 amazing day-trip activities you can do from the back of a boat…which one will you try first?

Round up a private charter yacht and enjoy the seas

Of course, to have fun from a boat you’ll need to get your boat organized! While there are group day trips available on the island- we even run some ourselves- the unbridled freedom a private boat charter brings you is something everyone should experience.

With a private yacht charter, you can go where you will and do what you fancy. If the weather changes- or your whims do- you can just adjust course and do as you please. We have one of the largest fleets on the island, so you’re bound to find the perfect match for your needs. You can dive from most of them, and all come equipped with basics like snorkelling gear. Some will even accommodate kiteboards! 

Whether you want a day of floating on the crystal-clear water, swimming and sunbathing with a cocktail in hand, or an action-packed eco-adventure exploring the back islands and kiteboarding down the mangrove channel, using a private boat charter in the TCI is one of the best ways to experience freedom, leisure and fun. Our nation consists of 41 islands and 9 cays, and all are calling to you!

Snorkel the barrier reef

Did you know, the Turks and Caicos is home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef? Due to the herculean efforts to keep the area pristine and conserve local wildlife, it’s also one of the best preserved reefs in the world. Combined with the warm and welcoming waters of our unique oceans, snorkelling here is a dream- diverse fish and animals, wonderfully clear waters, and easily accessible attractions. What’s even better, is that your Big Blue Collective expert will be in the water with you, acting as your ‘tour guide’ for the whole experience. You won’t miss out on a single wonder! We work hard to keep our visitors away from the crowds, too, so you’ll have an utterly unique snorkelling experience that will stick with you for years to come. If you’re eager to join the fun, our ever-popular ‘Edge of the Banks’ day tour is also back!

Swim the azure seas

Of course, no visit to these beautiful islands would be complete without a day spent playing in the water! With our consistent trade winds offering a welcome cool-down, and the water consistently calm and comfortingly warm year-round, there’s no more joyous place to just kick back, relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature. Watch the tide lap the edges of the powder-soft sand, enjoy the many friendly animals that zip through the clear water around you, or get in some stirring cardio exercise to start the day. With your captain handling the boat, you can concentrate on enjoying the rare beauty of the islands and the water both. Dip in and out, then head out to another adventure. The ocean will always be there to welcome you back! Who knows- you may even spot a dolphin (or whale, in the right season) at play!

Learn to Paddleboard and see the world from a different view

Imagine skimming over the water, at one with the sea and the sky around you. That’s the experience that awaits you from the back of a paddleboard. You’ll have a unique perspective of the land around you ‘from the water’s edge’, just like the animals that call the sea home. Below, fish will flit and play, clearly visible in the water beneath you. Above, sea birds circle. Stand up paddleboarding is remarkably accessible to a range of people, yet gifts you with an experience like no other. You’ll spend the day immersed in nature, discovering the scintillating beauty of the mangroves and back islands. Paddle safari’s let you go ‘off the grid’ like nothing else, and you will experience an entirely different side of the TCI. Let the islands call you home!

Dive world-class dive sites

Diving is, quite possibly, what put the TCI on the map back in the day. The oceans around the islands offer a remarkable diversity of sites, from walls and wrecks to reefs, and many of them are easily accessible from land, too. Paired up with the remarkable waters, rarely affected by surface winds, and you have the perfect recipe for underwater sightseeing. Dives are also where our visitors most often encounter whales and dolphins, so your dive trip can easily turn into a once-in-a-lifetime sighting! Our focus on small groups and ethical diving has made us one of the forerunners on these experiences, with the animals not spooked off before guests can experience their wonder. Expect to meet sharks, eagle ray and turtles on your dive as well. Through our unique small-group approach, you will see and experience more, while leaving no adverse effects on the wonderful marine life around you.

There you have it! Divs, snorkel, swim, SUP, or just enjoy your charter. These super-exciting activities are far from the only day trips waiting for you in the Turks and Caicos, so there’s only one question remaining. When will you be booking your trip of a lifetime? Our highly-trained concierge team is always on hand to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!