Best carribean destination in June

Are you wondering what the TCI’s weather in June is like? We’re sure you know by now that almost every month is a great month to visit the Turks and Caicos, but June has its own special lure. Here’s everything you need to know about the TCI’s weather in June, courtesy of the Big Blue Collective.

  1. It’s festival time!

June in the TCI is time for the annual Crab festival. Along with the Conch, the crap is critically important to both the TCI economy and its food culture. If you’re a foodie, or you just love to sample authentic cuisine when you travel, June is the perfect time of year.

There’s also the humorously named Fool’s Regatta. This event is held annually wither in late June or early July. It’s the main amateur sailing even for the islands, so you know there’s fun and frolic to be had. It’s held at the Child’s Park in Bight Bay, and there’s classes for adults and kids alike. There’s even a (thoroughly entertaining) scrap-raft race to enjoy!

So if you’re looking for a trip packed full of local colour (and great food), make sure you take advantage of the TCI’s weather in June to come and enjoy the fun!

2. It’s (almost) off-season

We’re heading into the hot season here in the Turks and Caicos- and that typically means lower prices all around. Remember, we have fantastic weather no matter what time of the year you visit. Visitors are often confused that the peak season falls during winter- but that’s because our winters are hot and our summers even hotter! June has a fantastic balance of rising heat, without hitting the mid-summer peaks that can get a little too much. Because of dwindling tourism numbers, however, you’re more likely to score a fantastic budget deal for your trip. Great weather and great bargains? What could be better?

Although June marks the ‘official’ start of the hurricane season in the TCI, we’ve historically seen almost no blow ups during this month. The average TCI weather in June is tranquil and hot, so beach bunnies will love it too. The temperature may be rising, but it’s still cool enough for you to indulge in your favourite eco-tourism explorations. You can also head out to the ruins of the plantations and the salt industry without getting overheated.

3. The fishing (and the TCI’s June weather) is fantastic

If you’re keen to get your hook and line in the water, then June may be your favourite month. All the bigger pelagic game fish are available at this time of year. The seas are typically still and flat, too, so a private boat charter is excellent at this time of year.

These same flat seas also make this the perfect time of year for kiteboarding in the TCI. Whether you’re a seasoned pro wanting to perfect your launches, or an amateur hoping to get started, it’s time to give it a try.

4. Go sweaterless on the beach at night (and other romantic activities)

The slight increase in daily temperatures means you won’t have to dress up much at night, too. Fancy a romantic stroll on the beach? You won’t even need a light sweater to interrupt the ambience! Many of our restaurants are not air conditioned, so the warmer note in the air is perfect to show off your favourite cocktail dress.

June weather in the TCI is also less humid than later summer months. This means that the mozzies and other insects are at an all-time low, so you won’t be pestered. Just remember to pack your sunblock for daytime play, and let the fun woo you.

5. The water is utterly perfect

If you ever wanted to soak your cares away, then the TCI’s June weather is perfect for you. While our water is utterly fabulous all year round, in June it’s like stepping into a warm bath. Perfect for swimming, stand up paddle boarding, kiteboarding and any other water sport you ever wanted to try! Even the odd spill off your board won’t feel bad at all!

So, what exactly can I expect from the TCI weather in June?

Now you know all the reasons you have to add a June trip to your Turks and Caicos calendar, let’s take a closer look at the weather specifics for this month.

Our June average high temperature sits about 31 degrees Celsius. This will climb to 33/34 degrees by midsummer, but is still pleasant for outdoor activities. The sea tends to sit at a perfect 27 degrees Celsius. The sun-sensitive, and those travelling with young kids, may want to take a shady break around mid-day, but mornings and evenings are still cool enough for strenuous activities. Nights will dip to a balmy 23 degrees, so you can still wear all your party best without worrying about getting cold.

We sometimes get a little rain, with an average around 52mm, but this is in short bursts and unlikely to interfere with any plans you make. In fact, it will sometimes be a nice cooling break. You’ll be getting around 13 hours of sunlight on your trip, so be sure to load up on activities to enjoy.

The UV Index is always pretty high in the TCI. June is one of the highest months, averaging around 12. This means we advise all travellers to wear sunblock, even when in the water, and make sure you bring sunglasses and a beach hat to stay safe. You don’t want to spoil your fun with a bad sunburn!

The TCI- your perfect June break

While we may be heading out of the peak season, June in the TCI is still the perfect holiday destination. Warm enough to be luxurious, with pockets of cool for you to enjoy vigorous activities, you’re sure to love what June brings to the TCI.

Thinking of travelling to the TCI this June? Be sure to get in touch with the Big Blue Collective, so we can make all your beach and watersport dreams come true!