best seafood in Turks and Caicos islands

Are you heading out to the Turks and Caicos this holiday season? Then it’s time to brush up on your TCI facts and know-how! Fortunately, you have the Big Blue Collective making sure your whole experience is perfect, start to end. Here are our pro tips on what to know before you head to the TCI.

  1. It’s surprisingly easy to get here- but a touch unusual to get around

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we guarantee you can get here smoothly. There are several international destinations which even offer structured flights right through to the islands! If you’re not quite that lucky, all you’ll need to do is head to the mainland of the US, from which it’s a just a short hop to get here. You’ll land on our beloved Providenciales- Provo to those in the know- which is home to our only international airport. Do remember that you’ll need passports even if you are a U.S or U.K citizen, and that some wider-ranging visitors may need visas too.

The Turks and Caicos transport may look a little different from home, though. Our cabs pay per person, not per ride, so come prepared. Taxis can be a little pricey, as with every holiday destination, but private cars can easily be hired. Do yourself a favour, though, and book in advance. You won’t be able to catch an Uber here, as we’re still waiting for them to come to the islands.

2. Don’t get stuck in Grace Bay or you’ll miss out

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Turks and Caicos, it’s that a wealth of beauty awaits you at every turn. There’s a reason Grace Bay beach is so beloved, of course- it’s a truly exceptional place to relax and unwind. But don’t let that be your only experience of the TCI! Nearby Long Bay beach offers fantastic rejuvenation and sporting experiences too, there’s all the glory of quaint Grand Turk to get familiar with, and adventurers just have to head out into the water on a private boat charter, or take an eco-tour to the uninhabited, lush outer islands to meet the exciting wildlife of the area. Kayak mangrove swamps, visit Iguana Island, dive and snorkel among some of the Caribbean’s best reefs, wrecks and walls, kite surf up the Chalk Bay Sound… a whole world of experience awaits you, so don’t get too comfy in Grace Bay. Remember, all Turks and Caicos beaches are free to access, so you can explore to your heart’s content.

3. Private villas are easy to find

There’s a whole lot of accommodation in the TCI, from chain hotels right through to private villas, and much of it does centre on Grace Bay and Long Bay. There’s no need to resign yourself totally to the hotel experience, however. Beachfront villas- even some remarkably well-priced ones- are pretty easy to come by, and the Big Blue Collective can assist you in finding the perfect match. Many offer airport pickups, full service and maybe even extras like a spa or your own butler. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find a beautiful view of your very own waiting for you in the Turks and Caicos.

4. Simple, tasty food is not to be missed

If you love your haute cuisine, there’s plenty to be had on Provo, the Turks and Caicos fine dining capital. However, you may just miss out on some of the best parts of your travel experience if you don’t venture out for something more casual. For starters, there’s the iconic weekly Fish Fry in Bight Park, as well as a host of Conch inspired dishes to try snacking on. In these beautiful surrounds, dining al fresco allows you to sample the very best of the fresh fish, lobster, conch and chowder that the waters around the islands produce. What’s available does depend on the season you visit us in- so that’s all the more reason to come back again and again to sample the super-fresh, delectable foods of the Turks and Caicos over and over again. Don’t forget a glass of Grand Turk Rum Punch while you’re here!

Do note, if you have food sensitivities or allergies, that it’s totally O.K under the law to bring in your own food to eat, too. But unless you have a good reason to avoid the seafood, you’ll be missing out on a spectacular experience by doing so.

5. Bring your party shoes as well as your bikini

Get the most from your Turks and Caicos experience, and come ready to party. We promise they don’t roll up the roads at night! Head to nightlife hotspots like Danny Buoys or the Sand Bar to learn how to party Turks and Caicos style, and meet up with the friendly locals too. After a day playing hard among the wind and water, or even just rejuvenating under the sun, a chance to let your hair down and meet new friends will set the perfect mood.

6. The TCI will feel a lot like home, in all the best ways

The Turks and Caicos is a British territory, and we’re just a hop away from the U.S too. This means you’re bound to feel at home on the TCI islands. Everyone speaks English, the U.S dollar is the de facto currency and tipping culture is consistent with the U.S. You’ll find friendly people, lots of help and great service waiting around every corner, and there’s enough of a feel of ‘home’ that you’ll fit right in without the need for an adjustment period. The TCI is on UTC -4, or Eastern Daylight Time, so set your watches and smartphones accordingly.

The Turks and Caicos experience is one like no other. Where else can you open your windows and see palm-fringed sand beckoning you? Play in the water, relax on the beach and experience new and glorious vistas every day. The Big Blue Collective is here to help you make your Turks and Caicos dreams a beckoning reality, so get in touch today.