Private charter boats turks and caicos

Are you considering a private boat charter in the Turks and Caicos? It’s a fantastic addition to any holiday experience. If it’s not already on your bucket list of experiences, it certainly should be. There’s nothing quite like the unique joys of your very own private vessel, free to go where the winds take you. With our decades of expertise on the seas, the Big Blue Collective is perfectly placed to help you craft the private charter itinerary of your dreams. With that said, here are 5 reasons everyone should hire a boat in Provo, and how it will make your vacation even more spectacular.

1. Bask in the magic of a private yacht

Let’s be honest here- private yachts still have an aura of magic and mystique it’s hard to beat. It’s true freedom on the seas, without the responsibility of manning the boat for yourself. Pop into the ocean for a swim, or spread out on the deck and catch a tan. Slip on a dive mask and explore the ocean at your leisure. Enjoy cocktails as the sun dips below the horizon. Scout out that perfect spot for a picnic, and linger over the tasty treasures you packed. It’s true freedom on the waves. 

We’ve long associated yachts with the glamour and glitz of ‘Old Hollywood’. Gorgeous, toned celebrity bodies frolicking in the waves, private evenings slipping through the waters with your loved ones… it’s a romance and glamour you just can’t beat. Yet here, with a private boat charter in the TCI through Big Blue Collective, that magic can be yours too. 

What could be more relaxing to the soul then lounging on the deck of your private boat rental, fresh out of Povo, with a flute of champagne in one hand and no care in the world? It’s an experience every weary soul deserves at least once in their life- and it’s waiting for you in the Turks and Caicos.

2. You’re on no one’s timetable but your own

You’re on holiday- who wants to have to conform to schedules and rush off to please someone else? You may start the day intending to visit the reef, but spot a gorgeous atoll in the water you would rather explore. Your curiosity might be taken by a sight on the horizon, and your adventurous spirit leap to the occasion. Of course, you want to explore, relax and have fun your way. It’s your holiday, after all!

With a boat rental from Provo as part of your plan, you need answer to no one but your own desires. It’s your boat, and the world is your oyster. Set sail, and let the winds- and your whims- lead you on the adventure of a lifetime. Want to stay on the beach to watch the sunset? Go for it! Want to take a little extra time on your dive? There’s no one waiting impatiently to get you back on schedule. Want to master a wind-sport far away from watching eyes? It’s just you and the boat team, so no need to be shy!

This ability to set your own schedule also allows you to be as flexible as you want when it comes to socialising. Want to pull in and be the life of the party at a tasty local festival? Do it. Want to let the shallow drafts of our fleet tuck you away in a private bay for some solitude? The power is yours to choose and decide. 

3. Experience the true magic of the seas

The Big Blue Collective talks a lot about the TCI sea on this blog- and if you’ve ever experienced the sultry warm waters of the Turks and Caicos, you’ll forgive us! This corner of the world offers so many beautiful water vistas, spectacular snorkelling and diving experiences, and a chance to experience the water like you never have before. Crystal clear, warm and welcoming, it’s hard not to be entranced. Making use of boat rental in Provo lets you explore this unique world for yourself. All of our fleet carries snorkelling gear, and many of our boats allow for dive gear and other exciting water sports too. It’s like having your own tiny private island, adrift in the welcoming warm waters of the TCI.

Yet you’re never alone. You always have the Big Blue experts on hand to find the best dive spots, navigate you to exactly where you want to be, and lend you all the benefit of our decades of expertise and experience of the islands. Whatever your fancy at the moment, they’ll have the know-how and experience to help make that dream a reality. We even welcome questions about the art of sailing and navigating itself! And if you happen to use your private charter in the TCI in the right season, there could even be a unique whale experience close at hand.

5. You can bring everyone you love with

Big Blue does, after all, offer one of the largest private charter fleets in the Turks and Caicos! Whether you’re a couple looking for some romantic seclusion from the world, or a group of friends looking for a fantastic bonding experience, we have the boat to suit your needs. Nor is it as expensive as you may imagine- our team are always on-hand to help discuss your private chartered options to ensure your holiday is perfect while still honouring your budget.

A private boat charter in the Turks and Caicos could be your secret to the holiday of a lifetime. Why not speak to the experienced Big Blue Collective team about your boat rental in Provo today?