The astounding beauty of the Turks and Caicos calls to you- and one trip will never be enough. There’s simply too much to see, do and experience to cram it into a few days and weeks. Today, Big Blue Collective looks at the many exciting experiences available to you- and how best to see them all.

It will take at least 3 trips to the islands before you can claim to have properly sampled the diverse blend of eco-tourism, water sports, action adventure and beach holiday that TCI offers you- and believe us, you will want to come back and back once you’ve sampled the jovial island sport and unique wildlife of the area. Why three trips, you ask? All will be revealed.

Year one in Turks and Caicos: Finding your feet

Your very first trip to the TCI simply has to be to Providenciales, the most urban of the islands in the area. Not only is it home to the international airport servicing the area, but it’s the most populated spot for a wobbly-legged urbanite to begin exploring. It also provides the best shopping opportunities for gathering souvenirs for the folks back home. The island boasts some very unique craft items, from silver jewelry to the famous conch shells, so be sure to take some time to find that perfect something.

Make your homebase on the island for this trip and get ready to head to the beach to unwind! Provo is known for its beautiful beaches [Grace Bay is a must-see, although Taylor Bay and Bight come close too] and you’re going to need to relax, unwind and flush the stresses of home from your body. You may opt to stay at one of the all-in resorts the island offers, some of which have spa facilities attached. If you’re up to a little time in nature, the area is also home to magnificent national park areas that are ripe for exploration, as well as the fathomless blue ocean around you. No trip would be complete without an eco-tour, in fact, so consider hiring a kayak to drink in the sights of the islands. Remember that the Turks and Caicos area plays a critical part of the annual humpback whale migration- time your trip right, and you may just get lucky enough to experience these magnificent beasts for yourself.

Since you’re on Provo, you of course have to round out the trip sampling the delectable cuisine the island offers- don’t forget to try a conch dish to get a taste for island cuisine….but don’t worry, you’re not quite there yet! North and Middle Caicos awaits.

Year Two: The year of exploration

South Caicos awaits! You will, of course, still fly into the international airport on Provo, but hop straight on a local connecting flight for the South island. Your Big Blue Collective guide will be waiting for you on arrival. The island of South Caicos is bathed in history, once a thriving harbour and pillar of the salt trade. You’ll have a chance to soak in the unique Bermudian architecture and picturesque sights of the town among her friendly people.

Flamingos flock to the salt flats here, and you’ll have a chance not only to hop on a fishing boat to see the island’s secrets from the water, but to sample the delectable fresh-caught seafood too. Take to a mountain bike to explore the salt ponds and beaches- beware the wild donkeys! This is also a great base to explore East Caicos and Joe Grant’s Cay. Deserted beaches make the perfect cast-off point for snorkelling, bringing you pristine ocean and reefs to explore, or keep kayaking to tour the twisted waterways around the Cays.

Make it a kayaking holiday, and take the time to explore the spectacular beaches and small islands of the area- you can even head to the old plantation settlement of Jacksonville. Start your tour on the middle island, and maybe even take a few days here before heading back to Provo.Why not come explore Big Blue Collective’s home turf this time? Leeward is calling to you. Try your hand at kiteboarding [though it’s best if you have a little experience]. Kayak through the Caicos Cays to get a true sense for the area [and see some truly beautiful territory]. Paddle through mangroves, beaches and reefs, and test your skills against the tide. Or pack a kayak sail and take it easy! Round off the trip with Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. This remote southwest corner of Provo is deeply removed from the influence of man, supporting the nearby reefs and home to a bustling diversity of marine life and tropical birds. Enjoy a picnic on the spectacular coastline, and sample the fresh seafood for a perfect end to the holiday.

Year Three: It’s like coming home

You’re a Turks and Caicos native now [well, almost]! That means it’s time to get to the true heart of the islands. Yes, we’re going to North and Middle Caicos… the true home of TCI cuisine, too, so come hungry and ready to experiment. Whisk across the major scenic sites of the area, visit Flamingo Pond nature reserve, explore the limestone caves of the area and  learn about the handicrafts of the native islanders. Here you’ll find the spectacular Mudjin harbour, perhaps the most impressive shoreline in the TCI, and also Daniel’s Cafe and the best seafood around [we told you to come hungry]. Delve into the sometimes turbulent history of the area at Wade’s Green Plantation, then grab your paddle board and head out to explore the mangrove labyrinths of the protected wetland area. There’s also the backcountry downwinder kiteboarding route for the truly adventurous. THere’s stunning snorkeling to be had in the area, as well as custom eco-tours to help you create the perfect experience.

Three years won’t be enough- you’ll be longing to come back as soon as you leave. The rich diversity of the Turks and Caicos will wrap you in it’s grasp,  calling you back time and again- and Big Blue Collective will be waiting to welcome you home!