Luxury Villa in Turks and Caicos Coconut Beach

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Turks and Caicos- after all, that’s exactly what the Big Blue Collective team did! Sometimes it’s time to take your holiday adventure to the next level, and recreate it as your permanent lifestyle. As permanent year-round residents of this exquisite corner of the globe, the Big Blue team understands this remarkable location like no other. Beautiful, wild, fun, and packed with great beaches– what more could you need? A lot, actually, so today we’re breaking down everything you need to know if you’re considering living in the Turks and Caicos, whether you just want to be a global nomad or to call this space your home forever.

Can You Get TCI Residency?

If you’re going to be living in the TCI, you’ll need to make sure it’s squared with the government. Except for retirees, this will typically mean working towards residency through work permits. These will typically cover one or two years of your time, and you’ll need a full decade of residency here (uninterrupted, too) before you can apply to become a permanent citizen.

Of course, it helps if you’re in an industry that’s in demand on the islands. We always need great academics, engineers of all types, and medical personnel. There’s many other industries thriving here too, however, so ask around. Of course, a criminal record, or a medical issue that can’t be catered for on the islands, might be a problem for you.

Assuming all goes well, you can look at both temporary and permanent options. Temporary residency is very easy to get here, especially if you have the cash to invest in local real estate. It will take $250,000 invested, or $500,000 on Provo, to get a temporary residency. This does come with a permit that will run about $1500 annually.

Real estate is always a great route to permanent residency, too, if you have non-island income, are retired, or have independent means. Do remember that permanent residency in itself doesn’t mean the same as the right to work, so if you can’t provide for yourself otherwise, don’t forget to keep renewing your work permit! It takes just $300,000 in real estate on most of the islands to apply, although you’ll need assets of $1,000,000 on Provo as it’s such a popular place. A permanent residency application takes about $27,000 to submit.

Alternatively, you can take the business option and bring your work with you. You will need your workforce to be 60% local, and an investment will be expected from the business.

If permanent residency isn’t enough, and you’d like to vote and act as a local, you’ll need to get the most coveted status of Islander. This takes 5 years for the spouses of locals, and 10 years for immigrants. Remember that the TCI is a British Overseas Territory, so you’ll get a TCI passport if you already hold that.

What is Living in the Turks and Caicos Like?

You already know how exquisite the TCI is. Soft beaches, warm waters, amazing weather… it’s hard not to fall in love! But this corner of the world has a lot more to offer, too.

The TCI is a stable island nation. We’re economically secure, and have no unrest. Our status as a British Overseas Territory means we work with the British legal system, and the US dollar is the local currency. This means immigrants rarely feel homesick, and many parts of daily life will already feel familiar.

Our tax structure is very attractive, and you won’t find inheritance tax, capital gains tax, or property tax to plague you. Of course, we’re still a developing nation, so the pace of life (and business) is a little slower than you may be used to.

Our holiday-focused economy means fantastic amenities are easy to find, luxury real estate is in abundance, and you can live an exceptionally high standard of life here. Real estate appreciates even as you use it yourself, and it’s always in demand. Do be aware that most amenities are on Provo, and other islands can be a little underdeveloped- but that could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Working in the TCI

Despite this being one of the best places in the world (we’re biased, we know), it’s always different living somewhere than just taking a holiday. So before you start splurging on local villas, use your tourist visa to the max. Chat to locals and enjoy the islands. This will give you a better sense of whether the TCI is the right home for you. Our internet is very reliable, so keeping pace with the wider business world is easy.

How Do I Move My Possessions to the TCI?

International moves are always a little intimidating, but our thriving ports mean shipping containers come and go all the time. You can even look at a regular cargo flight from many airports, including Miami. The TCI has made a number of infrastructure upgrades, including for our airports, in recent years, so moving people and goods in and out is easy enough.

The islands offer surf, sun, sea, and a peaceful way of life that’s becoming hard to find globally. Our people are some of the friendliest in the world, our weather is remarkable, and you can find adventure around every corner. If a private villa to call your own and days spent rinsing off the cares of business in warm sea waters and heading out on an evening snorkel sounds like the life for you, then why not consider us as your new home?

Keen to know more about island life? The Big Blue Collective is always happy to answer your questions and help you get a true sense of life in the TCI. Feel free to reach out with questions today!