Most beautiful beaches in Carribean

There’s no doubt about it- the Turks and Caicos beaches are some of the best in the world. Today the Big Blue Collective walks you through the top 6 beaches of the Turks and Caicos, and why we think you deserve to try them all to for yourself!

  1. Grace Bay Beach

Of course, no list of the best beaches in the world, let alone the Turks and Caicos, would be complete without Grace Bay Beach. When it comes to the Turks and Caicos beaches, this is not only the best known but also one of the best-loved. It’s easy to see why. Cosy, high-quality accommodation rings the area, and access to the beach is possible from many points. Despite its status as the TCI’s most popular beach, it’s still surprisingly uncrowded, and many of the islands’ iconic wind- and water-sports can be accessed easily here. Sweetening the deal- as if it was needed- is the exquisite reef lying just off-shore, and the whole area’s protected status as a National Park. If you’re here for the kiteboarding, then this is the beach for you, with the reef providing the perfect combination of wind and waves. This is the Big Blue Collective’s home turf, and it will only take you a few seconds of standing on the crisp, soft white sand and staring into the shimmering turquoise sea to understand why so many people fall in love with Grace Bay beach.

2. Long Bay Beach

Kitesurfing at Long Bay Beach is on almost every surfer’s bucket list. Here’s where, in season, you’ll find the trade winds creating the ultimate scenario for challenging your skills, while the beach itself provides a gentle backing to ensure that kitesurfers of all ages can enjoy themselves. The water sports are far from all this Turks and Caicos beach has to offer you, however. Explore the wreck of the freighter, La Famille Express, if you’re looking for some exciting wreck diving in the TCI, poke around the colourful reefs, or head out on horseback to explore the island and fulfil your fantasies of snapping the perfect selfie galloping down a beach. Less populated than Grace Bay Beach, this tiny slice of paradise offers you everything you need for fun in the sun.

3. Sapodilla Bay Beach

Even the name of this ultimate Turks and Caicos beach evokes images of fragrant cocktails and stretching out on the sand. The calm, placid waters here encourage relaxation and refreshing your soul. If you want to add to the romance, head up Sapodilla Hill to see the ancient inscriptions which have been found in the area, and imagine the lives of the primitive people who once lived here, long before the salt industry came to the islands. There’s also a gorgeous rocky landscape to poke around if you’re in the mood to get active on land.

Relaxation isn’t all this beautiful area offers, though. Chalk Sound is a stone’s throw from the beach, and offers some exquisite potential for fun on the water. The vista that will flash below you is one of the most beautiful in the TCI so you won’t be disappointed. The Chalk Sound National Park even has its own landlocked lagoon, and is the perfect area for kayaking and eco-friendly exploration.

4. Mudjin Harbour Beach

Looking for something a little different? Explore a whole new take on the Caribbean with Mudjin Harbour. Here you’ll find the perfect white sand of the Turks and Caicos beaches ringed by towering limestone cliffs and a cheerful lighthouse for a heart-stopping panoramic effect. A short overland trip will bring you to the matching caves of the island, perfect for cool midday exploration, and Dragon Cay is just a stone’s throw away too. The Conch Bar caves are the most famous feature of this area, but there are a few insider secrets the Big Blue Collective can share with you too.

Don’t let the name deter you too much- there’s no mud to be found. The cove was originally named by sailors longing for their Bermudian home, and it’s just been tweaked to suit the easy, laid-back island style since. If you’re keen on a day of play and adventure this beach is the destination for you. Bask in the warm sun a little, or get busy exploring. The Big Blue Collective can assist you with snorkel and dive gear, and show you a few secrets of the area too. Water sports are also plentiful here, and the kitesurfing makes a nice break from Provo.

5. North Bay Beach

North Bay Beach is often forgotten- but it certainly shouldn’t be. The Turks and Caicos beaches are all superlative, but this one is also surprisingly quiet. Slightly off the beaten tourist track, tucked into the sides of Salt Cay, you may well find yourselves the only souls on this beautiful beach. The area’s perfect for a luxury private boat charter trip, if living the high life sounds like your ultimate celebration, so why not plan to play for the day in style? It’s also one of our favourite stops on our iconic eco-tours.

6. The Hidden Beaches of Western Caicos

Our top Turks and Caicos beaches have, so far, all been easily accessible. Each is a known beauty spot, offering fun, relaxation, sport and gorgeous vistas. Each one has its own personality, history and special sights, and we would recommend any of them in a heartbeat. If you’re a global nomad, though, and you’re looking for something truly different, then we suggest one last Turks and Caicos beach group to you- the beaches of Western Caicos.

Western Caicos is completely uninhabited, and only typically visited by our eco-tours and other brave explorers. These aren’t beaches you can just walk onto, although the Big Blue Collective are happy to help you get there through our guided private charters. In fact, we strongly recommend you add in some diving and snorkelling for the full West Caicos experience! These sheltered, special beaches may be tiny and less well known, but they’re also a unique chance to stand alone on some of the most beautiful sand in the world, and experience your very own slice of a private Caribbean beach- an experience you will have nowhere else in the world.

From the chance to experience the perfect solitude of West Caicos to the bustling beauty of Grace Bay beach, the Turks and Caicos beaches are truly exceptional. Why not get in touch with the Big Blue Collective today, and let us help you craft the perfect beach-hopping holiday to refresh your soul?