Kitesurfing probably isn’t a sport you immediately recognise, but if you’re headed to the TCI anytime soon it’s time to remedy that gap! Kiteboarding is scintillating, challenging yet accessible, fun, and probably one of the best action-adventure sports you could hope for- and it’s open to almost anyone. The even better news is, with Big Blue Collective’s guiding hand showing you the ropes, you can even learn the basics while on holiday! Whether you just want to know what the best time to kitesurf in the TCI is, or are keen to learn about the sport from the ground up, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Kitesurfing in the TCI.

What if I am a kiteboarding novice?

Kite surfing allows you to feel the thrill of waves under your feet and wind on your back, making it an amazing way to combine some adrenaline-pumping water sports with a scenic tour of the many spectacular nooks and crannies the Turks and Caicos offer. The sport has decided similarities to other ‘board’ sports like snowboarding and even skateboarding, but played out on the waves using a mini ‘surfboard’ and a sail-like ‘kite’ as your method of propulsion. The basics are pretty simple to learn, and Big Blue Collective offer our beginners level instruction in a sheltered inlet that is accessible almost all of the year. We teach from our shore club at Long Bay, if you’re keen to get going! Our expert instructors will ensure you learn the basics safely, and even stretch your skills further. You’ll gain confidence, learn how to troubleshoot [and not to panic] and have an awful lot of fun while you’re doing it! We even offer a special program for kiddies from age 10 and up. We typically don’t recommend it as a sport for younger ones, as you need to have established good hand-eye coordination to best take advantage of everything kitesurfing offers safely.

Always wanted to head out on safari? Take the idea of the classic safari to a whole new level when you kitesurf in the TCI. Big Blue Collective is the sole provider for VELA KiteSurf Resorts in this area, allowing us to perfect the active vacation just for you. From private surf tours to expeditions that will challenge even the experienced, the perfect vacation kitesurfing experience awaits you.

Is the Turks and Caicos a good kitesurfing destination?

One of the best! And we promise we’re not even being biased! Kitesurfing in the TCI offers spectacularly favourable winds, both frontal and trade, easy access to rental equipment, some of the world’s most spectacular island vistas and cooperative seas- and the TCI itself is simple to get to from almost anywhere, friendly, and remarkably low key and relaxed for a Caribbean destination.

When is the best time for kitesurfing in the TCI?

The million dollar question! While weather can always be a little finicky when you’re in an island chain, the best time for kitesurfing in the TCI is typically when the tradewinds blow in after the hurricane season. For us, that’s the summer months. However, there’s a lot to be said for riding the frontal winds during winter, too. It does depend on the challenge you are looking for. However, summer falls super-conveniently from November to June in the islands, which means not only do you get great kitesurfing conditions in the TCI, you probably will have leave stored up to make the trip of your dreams happen, too! We do suggest you perhaps aim to stay clear of the very peak months, however [think December to mid-April], if you want to experience the very best of the Turks and Caicos free of the crowds. Those in the know tend to love the winds of March to May each year. You can always come to join the party at the Windvibe festival, too!

What about during the kitesurfing off-season?

The good news is that despite the fact there is a ‘season’ for kitesurfing where conditions are most optimal here, the season is never really forced closed as it is in other areas. Bar the odd patch of unfavourable weather, typically worst during hurricane season, there’s always something to do on the water. Beginners have an advantage in Big Blue Collective’s headquarter cove. Sheltered from the harshest elements, it’s generally possible to learn and practice on most days of the year. Experienced kiteboarders will always have something to choose from too. From catching a downwinder along North Caicos to exploring the mangrove channels of Caicos Cays with a North Easterner chasing you the whole way, you’re sure to be able to find the sweet spot for a memorable Kitesurfing experience in the Turks and Caicos. You may even want to tackle our Kite Quest… find secrets hidden and beaches you can have to yourself, with the ultimate snorkeling adventure- and, of course, a ton of kitesurfing- thrown in to boot. It’s the perfect challenge for those confident in getting themselves out of basic trouble, and who launch well in deep water. You’ll want to explore it- it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Why is kitesurfing in the TCI so special?

There’s a huge area of shallow flat water here which makes kitesurfing in the TCI so very perfect. Easy for beginners, it still has enough variety, depth of water and remarkable hidden scenery to make it challenging for the advanced surfer. And, despite the presence of a ‘best’ kitesurfing season, advanced surfers will be able to find favourable waters no matter when they come, and beginners will always have our sheltered cove and watchful eyes to help them.


Looking for the true experience of a lifetime? Then come kitesurfing with Big Blue Collective, and make memories that will last forever.