One of the biggest draws for the beautiful shores of the TCI is how off-the-beaten-track much of the island archipelago is for a Caribbean island chain. It’s perfectly possible for you to stand on one of the beautiful beaches that litter the islands’ shores and be the only person in sight- where else in the ever-popular Caribbean can you say the same? Today Big Blue Collective is spilling the secrets of the very best beaches of the Turks and Caicos- and why you absolutely have to visit them for yourself.

  1. Grace Bay Beach

No list of the best beaches of the Turks and Caicos would be complete without adding Grace Bay Beach- often ranked as the world’s best beach. It’s also one of Big Blue Collective’s home beaches, and the ultimate spot to practice kitesurfing in the Turks and Caicos- you can’t say you’ve kitesurfed until you’ve done it here. Grace Bay is convenient to access from almost all of Providenciales’ guest accommodation, as most of the area’s resorts cluster around its spectacular sights. It’s the epitome of Caribbean perfection- soft white sand and deep blue sea. Even better? It’s one of the best spots for accomplished kitesurfers to pit their skills against the wind, partly due to the surrounding reef. It’s also easy to access other top beaches of the Turks and Caicos from Grace Bay, as well as allowing you to hop back into town for a tasty lunch, or to shop the sights. Be sure to start any trip to Provo with a visit to this breathtaking beach.

2. Mudjin Harbour

Speaking of breathtaking, Mudjin Harbour simply has to make the list too. Cradled by towering limestone cliffs, with aching white sand to tempt you, this site is truly spectacular. Dragon Cay lies in the distance, while you have easy access to the spectacular caves of Middle Caicos to explore. Don’t miss out on Conch Bar Caves!


Mudjin Harbour started life as ‘Bermudian Harbour’, reminding sailors of sights from the Bermudas, but was quickly adopted by the locals and morphed to its current name. This whole area is beautiful for a day trip, offering unparalleled wildlife and exquisite scenery. Why not pair it up with a private charter in one of our top-of-the-line powerboat fleet? Whether a gentle cruise or major exploration is the theme of the day, nothing screams ‘relaxation’ and ‘luxury’ like some time spent on the waves. We’ll make sure you’re fully kitted out with snorkel gear, and you can opt to take a guide along too- as well as all the watersport equipment your heart could desire. Kitesurfing more your thing? We offer a variety of ‘surfaris’ to the other TCI islands, allowing you to break away from the ‘Provo is the only kitesurfing island’ mentality and explore the beauty of the surrounding area fully.

3. North Bay Beach

North Bay beach is one of the forgotten beaches of the Turks and Caicos, despite being a perfect location for snorkeling and stand up paddleboarding. Nestling gently into the sides of Salt Cay, the dearth of visitors is one of its major attractions, leaving you alone to explore her smaller reefs for yourself without anyone else disturbing you. Where else in the Caribbean could you experience such beauty in an air of quiet and peace? You can make a trip to Salt Cay for the day from nearby Provo, but there’s nothing quite like arriving on your very own charter boat for a day of play and relaxation, so why not consider combining a trip to forgotten North Bay Beach with a charter package?

4. Long Bay Beach

When it comes to the beaches of the Turks and Caicos, nowhere is more synonymous with the sport of kite surfing then Long Bay Beach, also on Provo. Powerful easterly trade winds make the conditions just perfect to indulge in this exciting sport, and it’s a gentler beach for kitesurfing in the Turks and Caicos than many others, making it more accommodating for novice kitesurfers. If you’re more of the curious type, there’s also the wreck of the La Famille Express to explore. This freighter hit difficulties in the Hurricane season of 2004, leaving her abandoned hulk for you to explore. She’s a common stop for island hoppers and private cruises, too. If you want to try something a little different, this is also a popular spot for horseback rides in the TCI.

5. Sapodilla Bay Beach

Another of the smaller beaches in TCI, Sapodilla Bay offers calm, placid waters that may fool eager kitesurfers into ignoring it- however, it provides the perfect finish to an exploration of Chalk Sound and a great way to celebrate the finish of a successful run. Chalk Sound can be tricky to launch in, but once you’re going you find yourself surrounded by nature’s most spectacular vistas, flying over turquoise water. Explore the small rocky islands of the area, and round the trip off with some time on calm and exquisite Sapodilla Bay beach. The curious can venture up to Sapodilla Hill, with its ancient inscriptions, too, and explore a tiny piece of the TCI before the salt trade came, too.

No matter where you venture in the chain, the beaches of the Turks and Caicos are truly magnificent. Offering the classic combination of soft white sand and aching blue sea, you’re spoilt for choice in this staggeringly beautiful locale. Spice up the trip with some exciting kitesurfing to get your blood pumping, or make use of Big Blue Collective’s top-end charter fleet to explore every nook and cranny of this special corner of the world.