Book Luxury Watersports Online Turks and Caicos

Booking a Turks and Caicos watersport adventure has never been as easy as this! With the launch of our fantastic new website, we vowed to put your needs first even when making your booking. The Big Blue Collective has completely overhauled our online excursion booking system to be seamless, intuitive and bold. Your TCI holiday has never been closer- or easier to start planning!

Designing an online booking excursion form for the TCI that works for you

In the process of our booking system overhaul, we felt it was important to make sure that the end result didn’t just look good, but that it made your life easier too. There’s nothing more frustrating than being ready to get the booking process underway, only to have to muddle through confusing and non-intuitive links, after all.

We wanted to make the entire process easier on our guests, however. What happens if you’re still planning your trip, and don’t know what you’d like to book yet? How could we make it easy for budget travellers to see what will and won’t fit into their plans in a heartbeat? Could users with specific disabilities, interest in a small selection of activities, or keen to explore specific areas easily find what they were looking for? Can you easily see costs and duration?

After all, it’s not just about clicks into a cart. It’s about ensuring you can book the holiday of your dreams with no regrets or confusion. 

Introducing the new Big Blue Online booking system

That’s why our new online excursion booking form for our TCI adventures has been laid out as it has. Our clean and clear overall design make sure everything you need is right at your fingertips with no confusion. It’s easy to see what belongs to what almost immediately.

But there’s still an awful lot to do! How can you find exactly what you need among the many exciting offerings we have? Is kitesurfing right for you, or should you try diving instead?

If you’re completely new to the glories of the Turks and Caicos, we actually suggest you start with the links along the bottom of our top menu bar. Here, you’ll be able to fully explore the nitty-gritty of the packages we offer, as well as get a great feel for the tours and activities through the many pictures we’ve included. You’ll also be able to access a ton of extra information on our watersport adventures from the same area.

With this info under your belt, you’ll feel fully empowered to start designing the trip of your dreams. You certainly won’t be able to miss the shiny yellow ‘Book Now!’ button to the right of the same menu bar. One click, and our entire online excursion booking form for the TCI will open up.

Completing your booking

Now you have a better idea of the details of each package, you’ll see the default form lists everything we do. If you’d like, you can simply scroll through the whole list to find your next watersport adventure! If, however, you’d like to narrow it down even further, you can select from the categories to display only those results. Terrain, duration, budget and much more are all open to you. If you’re using our ‘Book a Trip’ link, you can even search by energy level you’d like for the excursion, or search for things to do with the whole family.

Each writeup will give you the price, time duration, and a short description of the tour you’re looking at. It also carries a product code (don’t worry about that) and a clear description of the area it operates from and covers. In case you aren’t familiar with the islands, there’s also a handy Google Maps pin!

If you’re ready to add this to your cart, simply adjust the fine details to cover the number of people participating and your dates, and click ‘Book Now’. For certain packages, you will now be taken directly to an ‘optional extras’ page, allowing you to add any extra value you choose. This ranges from island-approved sunscreen so you have no hassles or extra shopping, to pick up/drop off from certain areas. Once everything is finalised here, you’ll be able to get down to the nitty-gritty. As well as your billing address, we’ll need to know the names, contact details and other key information on each participant.

And you’re done! As easy as that!

Making the most of online excursion booking for the TCI

This new system makes crafting the watersports adventure of a lifetime as easy as pie. We’ve cut down on the need for you to email us back and forth simply to create your perfect holiday, also leaving that channel open for more nuanced enquiries or concerns you may have. Not only does this make it easier to deliver great service to all our customers, it empowers you with all the facts you need to perfectly design your holiday to meet all your needs. No more hoping everything works out- you know exactly what you’ve booked, and for when. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, however- you’ll have access to tons of special deals to excite any soul!

We’re super proud of the new website design, and hope you find the new booking system as convenient and informative as we had in mind designing it. Remember, we love hearing from our guests and new friends, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have feedback on the design, want to clarify any details, or simply touch base. The Big Blue Collective is looking forward to meeting you.