leanr to scuba dive turks and caicos

Can’t decide whether to take a yacht charter in the Turks and Caicos or spend your time diving? Why choose- you can do both! With our expert team at Big Blue Collective, we can help you make the very best of your TCI holiday experience with a luxury, customized, private charter diving experience. Why not book yours today?

Why opt for a private yacht charter in the TCI?

While mingling is fun, sometimes you want to get away from it all. You want your holiday your way, without others interfering with your plans and goals. Have the in-depth local knowledge of our expert guides all to yourself. Net all the benefits of a small group dive, including expert tuition and constant attention. And do everything your way, on your whims and your schedule. 

Scuba diving is all about the experience. Big group dives have to consider timetables, and you will quickly find that the constrictions on time, location, depth, and dive get wearying. You want the flexibility to accommodate the weather- whether it’s taking a break in a bad patch, or changing plans to drink in the sun on a beautiful beach. You want extra time to frolic with dolphins, and the flexibility to head out on a moment’s notice if whales are spotted. And above all, you want the freedom to dive your way. 

Beginners need the reassurance of an expert on hand, and the encouragement of dives that meet their skill without being dull. Seasoned divers want the challenge and ability to indulge their passion in the water. With captain, crew, and dive guides all focused on your experience, you have the freedom to play your way in total safety. Not only does a small group dive ensure you get the focus you need, it also keeps water disturbance to a minimum, ensuring you can experience local wildlife under comfortable conditions and with the best water quality possible.

Private diving yacht charters in the Turks and Caicos grant you the ability to dive your destination your way. Why not try them today?

Meet the ultimate yacht fleet

To ensure you experience your dive charter with no limits and no obstacles, you need a boat that matches your sense of adventure. The Big Blue Collective is privileged to own one of the largest (and most up-to-date) fleets in the Turks and Caicos. This means we’re able to help you with the perfect boat, no matter where you want to roam. From nippy, shallow, and small boats that can go anywhere, to a luxury full-day experience with the perfect boat for back island adventure, you’ll find a match made in diving heaven here.

Partner them with one of the most experienced and well-rounded dive teams in the TCI, and you’re guaranteed an experience you’ll never forget. 


Experience world class dive-sites from your own yacht charter in Turks and Caicos

Diving and dive culture is one of the many things that put the Turks and Caicos on the map as a premiere luxury holiday destination. You’ll find a little bit of everything here. We’ve spoken before about the shallow and welcoming inland waters that are kind to beginners. The real allure lies, however, in the exciting wealth of dive site options. 

In fact, that’s why we recommended a private dive charter in the first place! There’s far too many superb sites open to you to get to without your own support ship. While some sites lie as little as 10 minutes off the shore, some of the most spectacular will need a journey of around 45 minutes. With a yacht in tow, you can lounge in comfort between destinations, and dive how you will, when you will, on arrival. Sip cocktails, snack on our delicious lunches, and let the enveloping blue of the ocean soothe your stress away. 

We take great pains to match dive sites to the prevalent weather and conditions, ensuring you can get the very best from the experience. With fewer people on board- especially on a private dive charter- we have the flexibility to change plans as and when. Want to swim with the dolphins, or explore a site more thoroughly? There’s no timetable rushing you on and no one else’s expectations to manage. Just your dive, your way.

Explore the TCI one dive site at a time

Did you know that rough surface weather can often invigorate the reefs, bringing them to life in a way that will capture your heart and imagination? It’s very rare for a day to dawn when we can’t get you to a site, although tricky, strong winds from the North or West can be difficult. On the other hand, a steady eastern blow enhances many of the islands’ best sites. 

We’re lucky that the TCI has no significant land run-off to churn her waters. It’s purely on wind, wave, and tide. Our guides know how important great visibility is to the overall dive experience, and we don’t like diving in bad conditions either! So rest assured you can trust your dive captain’s advice, based on years of experience forged in TCI waters.

That’s enough talk! Why not experience a luxury TCI dive charter for yourself instead? The helpful Big Blue Collective team is always on hand to help you make your underwater adventure dreams come true, so get in touch today!