Diving the Turks and Caicos

With the glorious waters of the Turks and Caicos calling your heart, there can be little wonder that it’s as beautiful under these pristine seas as it is on them. Diving the Turks and Caicos is an experience like no other, and the Big Blue Collective is proud to have been part of shaping so many spectacular dive experiences here. Today we’re using our wealth of knowledge to tip you in on how to make the most of any dive experience here- but shhhhh…. Don’t share the secrets too far!

Quick dive facts from the TCI

There’s an awful lot lurking below the water here! Two of the biggest drawcards for divers in the Turks and Caicos is the proliferation of sweeping walls to soar down and the presence of a thriving coral reef. In fact, our reef is the third-largest in the world, and thanks to careful care from the community (and buy-in from vacationers like you) it’s probably in the best shape of any of the world’s great reefs.

Not only are there breathtaking sites to dive to, however- they’re also remarkably easy to access. We have the Columbus Passage dividing the Turks Islands from the Caicos Islands, and offering the ideal locale to spot rays, dolphins, and shining tropical fish. It’s also through this narrow 35-kilometre stretch that pod after pod of Humpback whales will squeeze during the season. The cherry on top of the dive pie is that huge sections of the TCI coast are protected under the National Parks Ordinance, bringing you pristine dive sites teeming with marine life wherever you go. 

On land, of course, you have gorgeous beaches, great amenities, and tasty restaurants to relax in after a hard day under the water. With gorgeous private villas available to rent, many with instant access to the beach, you can dive, play and sunbathe without fuss or hassle.

How do I get dive certified?

The Big Blue Collective offers PADI certified training courses. In order to get you into the water as soon as possible, we’re able to offer first-time divers the chance to handle the ‘book learning’ parts of their accreditation course before you arrive, which means you can hop straight into the practical parts of certification from the moment you arrive.

Our certified instructors are also able to help you with intermediate and advanced dive training through PADI, so don’t be shy to ask! We cater for a wide range of divers, and even the most skilled divers are sure to find something that steals their heart. 

Private vs Public diving

The Big Blue Collective has all of its unique fleet set up as pro diving platforms, and we regularly make use of them for small group diving. In fact, we have Public 2 tank dives scheduled twice a week. Limited group times allow for flexible profiles and maximum bottom times. The Big Blue experience aims to slice away the strict timetable and mass dive that takes away the fun of the experience. Experienced divers should have the freedom to indulge their passion, while new or nervous divers should have the comfort and experience they need to feel secure. 

If you’d like to take it a step further, however, we also offer highly exclusive private dives. This means your party will be the continued focus of our expert guides throughout the experience, and you’ll have the certainty of knowing there will be no contact with other people throughout your dive time.

When’s the best time to dive?

The Turks and Caicos has about 350 days of sunshine a year, so there’s never really a bad time to come! Our temperatures average at 29-32°C/85-90°F, and cooling trade winds through most of the year help moderate the heat. Although we have an official ‘hurricane season’, it’s rare for the June-October period to be inclement, and the water temps average out at 28-29°C/82-84° F for summer and 23-26°C/74-78 °F for winter. Winter is our peak season, coinciding with the whale migration and cooler temperatures. Off-season deals are easy to find, however. 

Fun facts about diving Turks and Caicos

In a silly way, diving Turks and Caicos is what made the islands the destination of choice they are today. The beauty and challenge of the undersea landscape, plus the rich diversity of marine life here and the annual whale migration, created the perfect climate for divers to flok here. Even today, the Big Blue Collective takes great pains to create the ultimate dive experience- and we’re often able to let our visitors have a moment or two to bond with the friendly dolphins and swim with the magnificent whales in the area. Sharks, turtles and eagle rays are all common sites, too.

Diving here is also an activity that’s rarely disturbed by surface conditions. Only westerly winds can sometimes affect visibility. That said, some of the very best dive sites here do require a little flexibility, as they can be a little susceptible to tide movements.

We could talk about the glory of diving Turks and Caicos for weeks, but you’ll only really understand the true magnificence that awaits under the TCI’s placid oceans when you experience them for yourself. With our expert concierge team on hand to make certain every moment of your trip is perfect, why not get in touch with the Big Blue Collective today? We can help craft you the dive experience of a lifetime, today!