It’s no secret that the Big Blue Collective are the experts in kiteboarding in the TCI. We firmly believe everyone should try this fascinating sport at least once in their lives! With that in mind, here’s our simple guide to everything you could want to know about kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos- all in one place.

Kiteboarding in the TCI is one of the best places in the world for learners

It’s rare to be able to (almost) guarantee calm water in any locale- but the TCI can. Our massive barrier reef, combined with some other special aspects of the local geography, ensure that nothing awaits you other than warm, shallow and obstruction-free water. For kiteboarding learners, who may slip off their board or even just need a little reassurance, this means you can stand up, feet touching soft sand, at any moment.

Not only are you super-safe kiteboarding in the TCI, this also makes the whole learning curve a lot less steep. When you can relax and enjoy the process, more fun is sure to follow. You’ll spend less time recovering from your learner mistakes, and more time conquering the skills you’ll need to head out on every kiteboarding adventure your heart may dream of.

You’ll have a ton of space to yourself if you come kiteboarding in the TCI

The world’s best water sport destinations tend to have one unfortunate thing in common- their business. Not so in the Turks and Caicos! If you’re a nervy learner wanting reassurance you won’t make a nuisance of yourself to more experienced kiteboarders, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy taking your first steps in the sport. Experience kiteboarder wanting to simply enjoy the waters without running into people, learners, boats and more? You’ll be able to find areas of near-seclusion to enjoy. Kiteboarding in the TCI is not only super-rewarding, its’ one of the least crowded vacation areas around. Despite the superlative natural beauty of the area, you’ll be able to enjoy it without obstruction.

This may be the most beautiful landscape you’ll ever kiteboard in

Talking about that beauty, it’s one of the main reasons you have to experience kiteboarding in the TCI. From the pristine splendour of the backwoods to the soft, warm sands of the beaches, beauty awaits you at every turn. Of course, a fabulous backdrop isn’t strictly a necessity to enjoy your kiteboarding… but man does it make the experience more exciting!

Plus, with beauty oozing from every scenic locale, you’ll find the perfect frame to enjoy your downtime and celebrate your kiteboarding achievements.

The Turks and Caicos weather is sure to be your new kiteboarding buddy

One of the obvious risks of any adventure holiday is always going to be the weather. You invest your hard-earned vacation time, spend the money, and set off hoping for the experience of a lifetime. Instead, bad weather keeps you pacing your hotel room and cursing the elements.

Not in the Turks and Caicos! Of course, there’s absolutely nowhere in the world that has 100% predictable weather- but the islands come pretty close! With the trade winds providing consistency in direction, speed and strength, we have the supreme advantage of a 10 month season for you to enjoy.

Don’t imagine consistent has to mean strong, either. You won’t be blown off the kiteboard! Nor will you be frustrated by gusty breezes you can’t use. Our wind speeds average 12-20 kts, which create the perfect environment to enjoy your kiteboarding.

There’s even more exciting things to explore, too

If you’re heading out here to get in some valuable time on your kiteboard, we’re sure that’s what you intend to spend most of your time doing. But there’s more to enjoy than just kiteboarding in the TCI. So whether it’s the odd inclement day sending you looking for something else, or whether you’re looking for an action-packed, well-rounded holiday experience, don’t worry that you won’t find fun stuff to do. With unpopulated islands and pristine natural ecosystems to explore, you’re never far away from exploring a literal paradise of animals and plants. There’s the gorgeous beaches for relaxation and fun, and you can always head out on your own private fleet charter too. Or amp up the excitement with Stand Up Paddle Boarding, snorkelling, diving and kayaking through some of the most beautiful, untouched marine scenery in the entire world.  Don’t forget to spend a little time enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the barrier reef!

You won’t even have to bring your kiteboarding equipment!

We know that hauling equipment through airport queues can be frustrating, and the oversize/excess baggage fees can quickly mount up. Of course, if you’re a dedicated fanatic looking to tick kiteboarding in the TCI off of your bucket list, then you may well want the reassurance of using all your own equipment. However, it’s totally not necessary if you’d rather skip the hassle. Powered by the renowned Cabrinha kite and board brand, the Big Blue Collective offers only the very best, safety approved kiteboarding equipment for rental on the island.

Kiteboarding in the TCI is one of the most spectacular water sporting experiences you can have, and everyone has to try it at least once! From the kiteboarding family here at the Big Blue Collective to your own, why not come and play in the sea and sand of the Turks and Caicos? We’re always here to help you make the very most of your TCI experience!