kite boarding turks and caicos

It’s the perfect season to learn to kiteboard! Imagine gliding over the water and soaring into the air, with a sail and board your only companions. The Big Blue Collective are the kiteboarding in TCI experts, and we’re here today to show you why this spirit-lifting sport should be your next holiday conquest.

Why kiteboarding in TCI is the ultimate pleasure

Kiteboarding has been described as ‘flying through heaven’ by fans of the sport. It’s an easily accessible wind sport with a lower learning curve than many action-adventure activities, yet has all the excitement and adrenaline you could wish for. And the best news of all? The TCI is possibly the best place in the world to take your first steps on this journey!

What makes the islands so fantastic for learning to kiteboard? It’s a quirk of the local geography. With the islands all perched on an undersea shelf, we’re blessed with miles of warm and shallow water, perfect to try your hand at this exciting new sport. Add to that the steady and surprisingly predictable trade winds that blow through a long season (November-June), as well as a lack of hectic weather events, and you have a kiteboarding match made in heaven. There’s a reason local number plates bear the proud phrase ‘beautiful by nature’, after all!

Add to this a vibrant island nation with a relaxed, welcoming vibe, powder-soft sand and some of the best beaches and bays in the world, and you have the perfect recipe for a kiteboarding holiday you’ll remember forever. 

How do you learn to kiteboard in the TCI?

Learning your basics is as easy as scheduling some lessons with the experienced Big Blue Collective Team. We teach out of Long Bay, well known for the site of colourful kites dancing over the waves. It will probably take you several days to get a true feel for this unique sport, and your first few attempts will be memorable, but probably not all that glamorous.

First, you’ll fly a ‘trainer’ onshore, then get your first full-size kite in the water to practice ‘body dragging’. Once you’re fully acquainted with the moods of the kite, you’ll add a board to the mix. For most learners, you’ll tackle these first ‘proper’ steps on day 2 or 3, so don’t worry that it will take too long. Soon you’ll be flying over the water in one of the most exhilarating sports out there!

What will I need to kiteboard in TCI?

If you’re experienced in the sport, you’re more than welcome to bring your own gear- airlines that fly into the local airport are well used to dealing with travellers with special baggage to accommodate!  Most accomplished kiteboarders prefer to use their own kit, which typically consists of your board, bindings and harness, power bar and pump, and a leash as well as a range of kites. For kiteboarding TCI, we recommend 9-, 12-, and 14-meter kites as a minimum. 17s will give you more versatility if the day is low on wind. We also always recommend safety flotation vests as a key part of your kit. While it’s unlikely you will find yourself in distress in these beautiful waters, it’s still always best to put your focus on safety.

If you’re new, however, don’t worry- we can offer you all the beginner gear, from top-quality ranges, you’ll need to get going as part of your package. We also offer a comprehensive rental range for those who’d rather travel without gear to worry about. There are a few things you’ll need, however:


  • Your own (biodegradable) sunscreen: The sun can be deceptive when you’re in and out of the water, so you want all the protection, including an SPF lip balm
  • Sunglasses: You’ll be looking up a lot, so it’s a good idea to protect your eyes, too. Do opt for glasses designed for watersports, or attach a ‘floating leash’ to yours, to stop them getting lost!
  • Water gear: The water here is warm enough you’ll be ok in a bathing suit, but you’re welcome to use a wetsuit if you get cold easily, too. Opt for a stylish rash guard if you’re sun-sensitive

Where can I go if I am over Long Bay?

The beauties of Long Bay are such you could happily play there for your whole holiday, but if you’re looking for a change of scenery, or even a little challenge for your skills, there’re plenty more exciting spots to consider. Grace Bay calls to kiters who love to play in the waves, while Turtle Tail offers a challenge to test out your skills. The area also offers a host of exhilarating ‘downwinders’ for you to play in- where you’ll start in one destination and end up elsewhere. The Big Blue Collective offers a host of adrenaline-pumping kite safaris that will let you discover the Islands’ hidden spots, revel in the beauty of nature and test your skills against the wind and surf.

There’s a reason Kiteboarding and TCI are so synonymous. There’s simply no better place in the world to enjoy everything this glorious sport has to offer, in such tranquil and exquisite surroundings. From taking your very first steps with your board, to challenging yourself against mother nature in the staggering, unspoilt beauty of the back islands, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. Why not make 2020 the year you learn to kiteboard, and come have fun with the Big Blue Collective today?