Private Charter Family Excursions Turks and Caicos

With life slowly starting to return to a semblance of normal, and the summer sun tempting you outdoors, we can’t blame you if your thoughts are already turning to a summer vacation to erase the stress of the last few months. Yet you still need to be safe and vigilant in all you do. Fortunately, the big Blue Collective has the perfect socially-distant holiday on offer that will let you experience everything worry-free… a private charter cruise with your own household!

With a large fleet, you can bring those you love

Big Blue operates one of the largest charter fleets in the TCI. So it doesn’t really matter who you’d like to travel with. From a romantic couple’s getaway to bringing the whole family, we have a boat that will be perfect for you.

And if you’re worried that ‘charted boat’ sounds too expensive for your budget, you may be pleasantly surprised. Our team is always just an email away, and they’re sure to help you find a solution that fits your needs and budget, too!

Private means private

‘Private yacht’ has always had an air of mystique and Hollywood glamour it’s hard to beat. You can travel where you will, the warm sea lapping at the bow. Hop in the ocean for a swim, catch a glowing tan, or sip a cocktail on the deck at sunset. You can explore the world at your leisure, hopping off to explore the gorgeous (and pristine) environments of the out islands, enjoy a picnic on a deserted beach, then jump back on board and travel where wind and whim take you. Honestly, it’s hard not to fall prey to the magic!

What better way is there to relax and unwind from pandemic stress than with this touch of celebrity magic in your life? Slipping through the waters with your loved ones, having fun in the water, and all with the knowledge it’s just you and our (limited) crew- no one else is around to bother you, interfere with you, or cause social distancing anxiety.

A private cruise is the ideal way to pamper yourself, and no one needs that kind of self-care more than they do right now. You need never see another soul except for your household if you’d rather not, but still have the flexibility to land and see the sights and meet people if you wish, too.

Go at your own pace

Not only will you be travelling only with your loved ones, but you’ll have complete freedom to set your own timetable, too. No rushing around to a tour guide’s schedule here! If you start off wanting to check out the reef, but decide the mangrove channels look more exciting, you’re free to roam as you will. Maybe you’re out for an adventure, and on the lookout for a superb beauty spot to dive or snorkel in? Maybe you just want a relaxing day on the water and in the sun? It’s your holiday, and no one else’s! Whether it’s taking a little longer on your dive, or finding the privacy to practice a new water sport away from prying eyes, a private charter from the Big Blue Collective is ideal to let you have fun your way.

Experience the sea like never before

The seas of the Turks and Caicos are magical. Warm and welcoming, shallow in the bays but dropping deep enough to support whales in the channel. They’re slow and languid for the perfect ‘beach’ experience, but still able to let you enjoy a host of watersports to get your adrenaline pumping. From spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, to merely passing a lazy day in a deckchair watching brightly-coloured fish flit past in the crystal clear water, it’s impossible not to fall in love a little. 

Each boat in our fleet carries snorkelling gear, and larger boats will have dive gear on board too. You’ll be free to experience the water at any time. Boat rental in Provo leaves you truly open to holiday as you wish. It’s almost like you’ve bought your own, tiny island- but you can go where you please with it, too!

Rest while we do the work

Of course, we don’t expect you to have to control the boats yourself! You’ll always have your Big Blue expert on hand to help. We’re not transient to the island, and the people who crew our fleet know the islands and waters intimately. From where to dive, to the best spot for a chance at spotting whales, they have the expertise and safety training you need to ensure your holiday is perfect. You can even find out a little more about the sailing experience from chatting to them!. All our boats and crew are rigorously maintained, and that now includes sanitisation and other sensible safety features related to social distancing, so you’ll have complete peace of mind throughout your charter experience.

Take your household to the warm and welcoming seas of the TCI! With a private charter from the Big Blue Collective, you can still experience everything the Turks and Caicos have to offer, with no fear of crossing paths with others, either. It’s the perfect way to get a restful, socially distant holiday this Summer- so why not book your private charter with the Big Blue Collective today? We’re always here to help.