Fall and Winter Sun in the Carribean

Are you already planning your travel to the TCI? Then we have all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to ensure your holiday is the best of a lifetime. Or perhaps you’re simply feeling your spirits sink as the Northern Hemisphere feels its way into the grip of fall and winter. Don’t be glum! With the December holidays on the horizon, there’s no need to resign yourself to a white Christmas! Come have fun in the sea and sun with the Big Blue Collective.

Travelling to the TCI

As an island nation, there’s not a whole lot of ways for you to travel to the TCI itself. If you were planning on bringing a personal yacht, there are harbour immigration facilities at Grand Turk where you will be expected to dock to complete your entrance procedures. For most of us, however, the best choice for your trip to the TCI is to arrive by air. A huge range of airlines service the TCI- even more if you are willing to fly to the continental US before making the connecting trip. If you’d prefer direct flights, however, don’t worry- there’s plenty coming into Provo International Airport from all sorts of destinations worldwide. 

The US has direct flights to Provo leaving from 10 major cities almost daily, as does Canada. Non-stop flights also leave daily from Havana on our official airline, interCaribbean. Caicos Express Airways also runs weekly routes. If you’re travelling from other parts of the Caribbean, these same airlines will be able to get you to Provo without breaking a sweat. European visitors to the Turks and Caicos are spoilt for choice, with BA offering direct flights and a huge range of code-share flights available worldwide to get you from home to the beach in no time. No matter where you live, you’re sure to find a great deal on air travel for your trip to the TCI, but you’ll need to book soon- we’re going into our busy season!

Arriving in the TCI- port procedures

In general, this leg of your travel to the TCI will not be as arduous as at many destinations. That’s not to say you can disregard the standard routine for entry into a foreign country, however! Make sure to have your passport and other travel documents in order, obey international conventions on the volume of liquids, duty free and other items you can carry, have your medications clearly separated with your prescription on hand, declare relevant items at customs, and other standard immi-/emigration procedures. Just as you would anywhere in the world. We know the beach is calling, but a little preparation here will ensure you get there sooner! Should you be bringing your own private vessel into a port, you will also need all the standard paperwork for your boat, too. 

There aren’t many vaccine requirements for the TCI, but you may want to consider the travel standards, Hepatitis A and Typhoid, although your risks of contracting either are low if you’re using reputable tour professionals like the Big Blue Collective.

Finding the perfect accommodation for you

Once you’ve laid your plans for travel to the TCI, it’s time to get to the fun. For a small island nation, you really are spoilt-for-choice when it comes to accommodation. While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the Turks and Caicos as a budget traveller, even during peak season, you’re going to need to act speedily to get the best possible accommodation deals. If your budget is a little less constrained, the Big Blue Collective offer our unique concierge service, allowing you to access some superlative private luxury villa rentals that aren’t available on the general market. If you enjoy the vibe of more ‘touristy’ resorts, Provo is blessed with several quality options you’re sure to enjoy. No matter what type of accommodation you want to call your home on your fall or winter trip to the Turks and Caicos, however, you will need to get your fingers searching. You don’t want to be disappointed, and with us entering our busiest season at this time of year, advance planning is necessary. 

Crafting the fall or winter holiday of a lifetime with the Big Blue Collective

Make this the holiday of your dreams. There’s almost nothing the Big Blue Collective don’t offer our patrons. And in the unlikely chance you want to do something we don’t directly offer, we’ve leveraged our 2 decades of experience making memories on the island into a network of quality partnerships that will fulfil everything you could want and more. 

We’re sure the beach will feature heavily in your plans, and the TCI is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. While the relaxed atmosphere of the Turks and Caicos, and its status as the Caribbean’s best-kept secret, ensure you’ll always have a spot to bask on the sand, you’ll need to plan the rest of your itinerary in advance. The Big Blue Collective believes in delivering a quality, personalised service at every step, so spots on our many exciting activities are limited and you’ll need to book in advance to ensure you can do everything you have your heart set on.

There’s almost no limit to what you can do on the water in the Turks and Caicos, after all. The Big Blue Collective are your local kiteboarding specialists, so whether you’re a seasoned professional who’d benefit from the Kalama Kamp or a novice who wants to give it a try, we can help. There’s a ton of other fun on (or under) the surf to explore, however. From kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding to amazing dive spots and possibly the best snorkelling in the world, you won’t want to leave the water.

The holiday of your dreams awaits you this Christmas in the TCI

You should, though. There’s a wealth of romantic ruins and fascinating history to explore. Hit the golf course, take a cycle tour, or hike through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. And, of course, don’t forget to crate your bespoke eco-tour with us, and explore the natural marvels of the less populated islands. There’s something for everyone in the Turks and Caicos. 

One thing’s for certain- a trip to the TCI is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, perk up flagging spirits, or stave off the winter blues. While you will need to book your TCI trip to ensure you get everything you want from the experience, the delights waiting on the other side will be well worth the planning!