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Does it feel like 2020 tarnished your soul? Are you ready to shake off the pressures of lockdown, bust out your luggage, and head off on a global adventure? The Big Blue Collective understands that everyone needs to break the mould a little, and the aftermath of 2020 is the perfect time- that’s why we’re here with the Globetrotting adventure of a lifetime!

London’s Calling

What better place to kick off the adventure of a lifetime than in Merry Olde London Town?

Often called the globe’s melting pot, London is one of the few places in the world you can genuinely experience it all. From the magic of the theatre districts to the mayhem of her traffic, from the melting pot of accents on her streets to the international delicacies in her many award-winning restaurants, there’s nothing you can’t do here. Shop the high street, take in a show, and hop on a spooky tour to discover the haunts of Jack the Ripper. Soak yourself in her history, explore her museums, and party it out in her epic club scene. 

Spending some time in the vibrant surroundings of London is the perfect way to kick off your world tour and set the scene for the excitement to come. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen!

Magnificent Miami

From snow to sun, here you come! It’s time to burn up the beaches and clubs in Miami. Now you’ve soaked up the history and culture of London, it’s time to let your hair down and amp up the party vibe. Shop ‘til you drop has never been truer in the sun-soaked streets of Miami, so you’re sure to find the perfect beach ensemble to wear. Hang on to that new wardrobe, style mavens- you’re going to need it! From the best clubs to the 5-star fusion restaurants, the eclectic cultures that meet in Miami bring only their very best. Let South Beach’s party vibe soothe your soul and cut you loose from all your stresses. 

Too much partying for you? Miami also has top-class golf courses, water sports aplenty and tons of Cuban art and architecture to explore. 

Transcendent Turks and Caicos

You’ll forgive us if we call this the highlight of the whole trip! Every globetrotter needs to find a spiritual home, and we guarantee that will be the TCI. Adrenaline pumping adventure, cosy beach life, and so much more awaits you on these pristine islands.

No need to go jostling for space on a Caribbean beach– here there’s powder-soft sand to choose from everywhere you turn. All the luxury amenities you could wish for await in the cooling calm of your private villa, and with the Big Blue Collective, you can step straight from your beachfront view onto your private yacht rental and go play where your heart dictates. Grand Turk offers Bermudan architecture, and a little peek at the unique culture and history of these gorgeous islands. Provo brings you nightlife, tasty seafood restaurants rich in catches straight from the sea, one of the best beaches in the world, and new friends to meet if you’re feeling in the party mood. And wherever you turn, the staggering natural beauty of the area calls to your heart.

Explore the miracles of pristine nature, and allow the lush, wild beauty of the back islands to woo you. Or hit the sea hard and experience all the adrenaline-pumping adventure that awaits. See the world from a different view from the back of a stand-up paddleboard, kayak the glorious mangrove channels, or snorkel the world’s third-largest barrier reef as amazingly coloured tropical fish flit around you.

The Turks and Caicos is a world premiere kiteboarding destination, offering the perfect seas for beginners and advanced folk alike. And many of the globe’s best dive spots beckon just mere miles offshore.

When you’ve spent your adventure for the day and are ready to relax, hop back on your private boat charter and float where your whims take you. Finish the evening with a spa-worthy treatment or two and cocktails on the beach as the sun goes down. You know you’ve earned this perfect moment!

Luxury in Los Angeles

It’s time for the entertainment capital of the world! With your soul satiated from the beauty of a vacation in the TCI, it’s time to hop back in time with some nostalgia and fun. This safe and welcoming city has hosts of ways to rediscover the fun and magic of childhood, from Disney parks to movie studio tours. Take some time out for yourself on the Sunset Strip, enjoy Venice Beach, explore museums, wineries and breweries, or head back to the pumping frenzy of the nightlife. Glitz and glamour is the name of the game here, so party like a rockstar! 

Slowing down in Sydney

Welcome to Australia, globetrotter! This vibrant world-class city isn’t just about it’s unique Opera House (although you should totally go visit that too)! Australia’s Crown Jewel offers you sea air, beaches of a different kind, and the perfect chance to embrace the laid-back Antipodean lifestyle Aussies are famed for. Throw some succulent seafood on the barbie and get ready to relax. Beautiful parks beckon you to explore, enjoy the many attractions at the harbour, and live your best outdoor life to show off your tan. Sydney’s a hive of diversity, meaning all you have to do is change districts to get a sense of a completely different culture, so you’ll never get bored, and the soothing simplicity of life in this sunny haven is sure to woo your heart.

Loving life in London

It’s back to London, baby! Theoretically, we’ve reached the end of your adventure, Globetrotter…but it doesn’t have to feel like it! Now’s the perfect time to tack on a little extra time in London to decompress and enjoy. Reminisce with your loved ones, have some more fun, and when you’re ready to get back to daily life….well, a hub like London can take you anywhere you want!

Want to experience this thrilling globetrotting adventure for yourself? The Big Blue Collective can help you make the most of a Turks and Caicos vacation, and we’re waiting to hear from you!