best places to stay in turks and caicos

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in the Turks and Caicos, look no further! The Big Blue Collective has a comprehensive guide to finding the right accommodation for your needs. Don’t forget that our stellar concierge service also has access to a unique network of Turks and Caicos villas that will transform your holiday into a magical luxury experience you’ll never forget!

Deciding to opt for a Turks and Caicos rental over a resort

The choice of where to stay will always, of course, come down to personal taste. Don’t rule out the convenience and privacy of a Turks and Caicos villa for your needs, however! You will find a huge breadth of villa styles, accommodation setups, and facilities across our network of private villa rentals, from little to large. 

Before you begin browsing, however, there’s some key information you can assemble to help make the experience a quick and simple one. Start by taking a look at your party size. Get firm numbers, and consider some of the following:


  • How many children, teens and adults?
  • Are you one adult couple with dependents, or do you have several adult couples in the party?
  • How much shared vs private space will each person or couple need from their travels?
  • Do you need a facility with arrangements for a baby or toddler?
  • Does everyone need a full bed, are their people willing to use a sleeper couch, and who can share one larger bed vs needing singles?

Once you have these base facts in place, you can look way beyond mere occupancy numbers, and get a better sense for the overall Turks and Caicos villa setup that will work for you. Many of our Turks and Caicos rental partners have separate wings, properties or cottages as part of the package, enabling you to coordinate the perfect blend of privacy and social activities no matter who you’re travelling with.

How do I choose the best place to stay in the Turks and Caicos?

Now you have a solid idea of the property size that will work best for your travelling group, there’s a few other things to decide to make sure your private villa rental is perfect. 


  • Will any of you be working and need extra facilities, or need quiet areas for meditation, phone calls or other aspects of daily life?
  • Do you need easy access to gym or exercise facilities?
  • Is having a good kitchen or laundry facilities on hand important to you?
  • Do you require in-house staff to service the facility, including private chefs and butlers?
  • How close to the beach (or other destination) is acceptable for you? 
  • Do you want to have access to the sea/a private dock for a boat, or other water sports equipment?
  • Do you want a private swimming pool on the property?
  • Are outside showers something that worries you?


Once you’ve established these key questions, our concierge service will be better placed to help you find the vacation home of your dreams!

Where should I look for Turks and Caicos rentals?

By far the majority of Turks and Caicos villas will be on Provo Island. Believe us, this is a great thing! Provo is one of the two largest TCI islands, and here you will find the greatest concentration of facilities, nightlife and restaurants as well as the international airport. It’s the bustling heart of the islands, and no stay would be complete without some time spent here. It makes for the perfect home base for your stay. You’ll also find the Princess Alexandra National Park, flush with gorgeous marine life to enjoy, and spectacular beaches. Grace Bay Beach, in fact, is a consistent winner in the ‘best beaches in the world’ category! Provo is home to the Big Blue Collective, too, and we operate all our water sport adventures from here. If you’re on Provo, we can typically help you get to our facilities from wherever you’re staying, too, taking that hassle off of your shoulders.

The waters around Provo are spectacular for a range of water and wind sports- especially learning to kiteboard or dive. The shallow ‘shelf’ on which the island is perched creates ever-warm, turquoise waters that lap softly at exceptional, powder-soft sand. The constant and fairly predictable trade winds create the perfect atmosphere for kiteboarding. Meanwhile, the gorgeous barrier reef lying just offshore doesn’t just provide a spectacular tropical paradise to explore on dives or via snorkelling, but also helps keep the inland bay water calm and safe to play in. If you want to venture further offshore for diving, snorkelling, kiteboarding, or just to explore the gorgeous ocean and have a day of privacy roaming where you want, it’s also the most convenient island to launch your private yacht trip from!

Provo is also your destination of choice if you’re heading to the islands during whale watching season. These beautiful beasts will be passing close by through a natural funnel which they follow, so you could even get lucky with a beach sighting! 

The best place to stay in the Turks and Caicos for you and your loved ones is just a click away! With our easy-to-use and helpful concierge service on hand to help you find the perfect match, Turks and Caicos rentals with all the mod cons have never been easier to find. All you need to do is give the Big Blue Collective a shout- or head to our concierge website page and we’ll soon have your dream trip planned perfectly.