‘Crunch time’. The next 24 hours are gonna be intense. Adrenaline, anxiety, fear, dread, hope… plenty hope. Imaginations running wild. At some point we’ll lose connection with the outside world and with it a sense of where Irma is in relation to us. The unknown. That’s the scary part. From what our brothers and sisters down south have just been through, we really hope #turksandcaicos doesn’t see the eye of Irma. It’s going to be a long long night. Noises and sounds from another world. With all your thoughts, prayers and best wishes, we’ll get through this one way or another – we have zero say in the matter. Can’t help but wonder what hurricanes were like before the internet and weather forecasts….. We’ll see you on the other side. TCI people. Be safe. One love. Over and out. #hurricaneirma #madeofocean #ocean @noaasatellites #barbuda#stmartin #bvi #usvirginislands #peurtorico #dominicanrepublic #haiti#bahamas #florida @ Turks and Caicos Islands