Crystal Sands Villa - luxury private rental in Turks and Caicos

If you weren’t already in the know, the Big Blue Collective now offers an exclusive concierge service to help you make the most of a hassle-free vacation experience. As part of this exciting new development in our history, including the launch of our more-convenient-that-ever website, we’ve also expanded our stable of exclusive luxury villa rentals in the TCI. With this in mind, we’re taking a little time today to introduce you to one of our exciting villa partners- the exclusively owned and much loved private family villa, Crystal Sands on the Beach. 

This unique property lies right on the beachline of Sapodilla Bay, offering the perfect family-friendly getaway for a larger family, or two families travelling together. It’s private, secluded and peaceful, yet all the fun and amenities of one of Provo’s most bustling areas lie not far away. If you were looking for the ideal luxury family getaway, this is perfect for you. 

Tell me more about Crystal Sands Villa on the Beach?

Crystal Sands Villa on the Beach. Even the name evokes adventure, doesn’t it? This fabulous beachfront villa nestles in a very exclusive residential area of Provo. Open any door here, and you will spill out onto the beauties of Sapodilla Bay Beach.

When people talk about the powder-soft white sand and azure waters of the TCI, Sapodilla Bay is what they’re thinking of. Even better, if you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation villa in the TCI, the section of water around the villa is shallow enough for kids of all ages to enjoy safely. 

Sapodilla Bay beach is, in fact, often called the Children’s Beach, and there’s no better choice for an adventurous family looking to have fun in the sun. The water is charming and still, thanks to the encircling protection of two banks at either side. Caicos Bank is, in fact, directly in front of the villa, creating a little family haven of peace, privacy and tranquillity. 

What is so special about the design and layout of the villa?

If you’re travelling as a dual family, this 8 person villa may be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a single villa with 4 bedrooms, perfect for a large single-family or for friends to share. Each of the bedrooms offers a spectacular beachfront view, in cool, open and airy large rooms. Its configuration lends itself to two suites, allowing a family (or friends) to mingle when they want, but retreat to privacy when you want to be alone. 

The second downstairs bedroom also offers additional twin beds as a bunk bed. A queen living-room sofa is also part of the furnishings, offering a little versatility in arrangements.

What amenities are offered at Crystal Sands Villa?

Your eye will be drawn immediately by the private swimming pool lapping peacefully in tune with the sea and the overhanging tropical gardens. That’s far from the only luxury here, however. Free high-speed wireless, cable TV, stereo, and full phone services make sure you can unwind in style. Air conditioning is also optionally available.  You will also have full use of private parking. 

The kitchen has recently been renovated, so you won’t be short of the mod-cons. Granite countertops offer a cooling touch, and the filtered water system keeps everything fresh and cool. Each suite also has its own gas grill for outdoor snacking. Outside showers and a foot shower keep the sand on the beach, not in your luggage.

Towels, including beach towels, are provided. Walk-in showers, laundry gear, pack and plays and much more ensure a comfortable, family-friendly experience. Do note that Crystal Sands is a self-catering villa, and a completely non-smoking environment. 

What is there to do in the area?

The ideal beachfront position of this exquisite villa means that this is the perfect base for the family looking for fun and sun in equal measure. All things beach are the name of the game here. There’s plenty of other activities to keep active minds busy, however. Sapodilla Hill offers a national treasure in the form of stone carvings left by abandoned sailors many years ago. While the originals are protected, you can even find careful duplicates for yourself!

The gorgeous amenities at this house, however, will draw you back again and again to experience the highpoint of outdoor living. Sun-dappled spots vie with shady retreats to become your new favourite. Spacious, well planned-bathrooms let you relax after a long day, and the 50 foot covered balcony is the perfect perch for enjoying a Caribbean sunset. 

Cosy family fun in the sun, all day long

This blissful luxury villa is the perfect choice for a family looking for a way to celebrate their holidays together in comfort and style. Let the welcoming arms of the villa enfold you as you return from a day’s fun on the beach or seeing the sights, and drift off to sleep in the cool air of the spacious bedrooms.  With Crystal Sands Villa on the Beach, you’ve found your new home-away-from-home to make beautiful family memories together.

Crystal Sands Villa on the Beach is just one of the many gorgeous top-end villa rentals in Provo which the Big Blue Collective is proud to work in conjunction with. Find out more about Crystal Sands here, or explore our entire curated villa collection (along with our concierge services) a little more. Already a match made in heaven? Contact the Big Blue Collective today to book this gorgeous experience.