If you’re considering a holiday surfing in the Turks and Caicos, or if even if surfing’s not your style and you’re worried about what else there might be to keep you occupied, then look no further- the highly experienced Big Blue Collective is here to answer all your questions, and help you shape the watersport holiday of your dreams.

Can I go surfing in the Turks and Caicos?

Surfing may be the iconic Caribbean water sport, but the generally placid conditions around the Turks and Caicos don’t provide too much excitement. The gorgeous barrier reef that lies off two of Provo’s coasts can be held accountable for the generally calm waters- it brings so much beauty and diversity of life to the area we can’t even be sad at losing the breaks that would otherwise come inshore. There are some opportunities for catching a good break, mostly off the remote west coast of Providenciales, but they can be a little tricky to access due to their remote nature. Fortunately, there is a small beach break near Leeward Beach, but the waves there are more suited to stand up paddle boarding then surfing. Most clean waves are pretty small, only ranging higher when the weather conditions are generally unsuitable for outside activities.

That said, winter does bring up some opportunities for our dyed-in-the-wool surfers willing to bring their own boards along, and the Big Blue Collective are happy to help you find the perfect spot that conditions will allow for. While there isn’t much challenge to be had for surfers in the Turks and Caicos, we can guarantee the experience and wealth of other sports open to you will be well worth it regardless.

What can I do instead of surfing in the TCI?

Don’t feel dispirited at the lack of big waves in the TCI! There’s a ton of alternatives to surfing in the Turks and Caicos for you to explore, and you’re sure to go home with at least one more favourite watersports to add to your list! Stand Up Paddleboarding offers a fantastic alternative that’s a little gentler and has a lower learning curve for most people, too- and we at the Big Blue Collective happen to be experts at SUP in the TCI!

Sometimes called stand-up paddle surfing, this exciting new water sport shares a lot of similarity with surfing. You will find yourself perched confidently atop a large surf-style board, able to propel yourself wherever you wish to explore thanks to a long paddle. With the calm, flat seas of the Turks and Caicos beckoning you to explore, and the fascinating mangrove channels and marshes calling you to come and play, it’s the perfect way to pack in a little exercise, a little sightseeing, and a lot of fun, all in one easy package. All you need is a basic level of fitness, and even older kids are sure to enjoy the challenge. And if a super-tempting wave does hit, you’ll be able to use your board to ride it too!

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the very best ways to experience the local sea life. Because of your angle over the board, you have a superlative view through the clear water, and the paddle is both quiet and causes minimal water disturbances, so local critters are more likely to carry on about their business than scarper to hide. Expect to see tiny lemon sharks, turtles, the iconic conch fish and much more fliting below you, as well as the birds that feed through the wild areas of the islands.

What about kayaking in the Turks and Caicos?

In the rare event the water is choppy, kayaking is the perfect alternative sport. With a shallow draft and quiet nature, you will be free to explore the gorgeous natural channels and backwaters of the TCI, again without disturbing the local wildlife unduly, giving you a unique peek into the lush natural habitats and the unique creatures that make their home here from the water’s level. Take it to the new heights with one of our specially tailored eco-tours, and uncover the true heart of the Turks and Caicos off the beaten trail. We have a wide-ranging infrastructure and quality equipment to place at your disposal, so there are no limits but your curiosity. Whether you want to gently paddle in the bay around your villa, or head out on an epic, multi-day kayaking trek, we can help you craft the ideal kayaking experience.

How do I take surfing in the Turks and Caicos to a new level?

If you’re still looking for something closer to the racing adrenaline of riding the waves, then take ‘surfing’ in the Turks and Caicos to dizzying new heights on your trip. The Big Blue Collective has the perfect treat for you- it’s time to embrace the exhilarating sport of kiteboarding. Also called kite surfing, the Turks and Caicos offer the perfect backdrop- warm water, pristine empty beaches, and crystal clear water at the optimum depth. Plus, of course, our friendly, reliable South East trade wind ensuring you have all the wind you could want. Both beginners and more experienced kiteboarders will find plenty of excitement- plus you will have the full force of Big Blue’s extensive experience and encyclopaedic local insight and guides to make the experience even richer.

As you can see, there’s much more excitement waiting then just surfing in the Turks and Caicos, and we can guarantee you won’t be sorry you came! Why not plan your dream watersports holiday in the TCI today? The Big Blue Collective are eagerly waiting to hear from you!