Kayaking in the mangroves

Looking for an accessible, fun-filled, and educational activity, that the whole family will enjoy? Kayaking is by far one of the best ways to explore the shallow channels etched through Mangrove Cay. Seeing the endemic rock iguanas on our neighboring island, Little Water Cay, while you enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach. Without a doubt kayaking is an experience everyone will LOVE!

Kayaking alongside one of our extremely knowledgeable and experienced eco guides, not only ensures a spectacular time but should also give you some piece of mind. Traversing these waters on a daily basis, they are not only an encyclopaedia of knowledge on these local eco systems but also have a realm of experience in an extensive range of conditions.

Although an adventure sport, kayaking is by far the simplest way to glide through the mangroves, while witnessing the underwater world thrive beneath you; infants pear over the side of the kayak as their parent’s wade through the water above the turtles, children thrive as they persist at developing their paddle skills and even the elderly will eagerly lower themselves into our very stable kayaks ecstatic about what they are going to see – kayaking is truly for everyone.

 – When it comes to Kayaking with us, weather is a consideration but not a concern!      –


As the sea levels rise and fall twice each lunar day (due to the attraction of the sun and moon) water moves in and out of the mangroves. One of our only kayaking restrictions is our low and falling tides, due to the already shallow dept of our Caicos Banks, traversing the mangrove passages at low tide is nearly impossible. Giving reason for our carefully planned kayak tour times; your experience is in our hands, and we want to show you nothing less than the best!


Our mid-summer days, where the sea fades into the horizon and the flat ocean is mistaken for a sheet of glass, are a surreal time for a kayak adventure. Yet the winter wind and textured ocean can hide the magic beneath the surface. However, once engulfed in the mangroves, where the narrow passages are protected from the wind, the water is constantly crystal clear.

Rain or Shine:

Here in the tropics, it’s never too cold… Our winter is your summer, so there is no need for concern. Our cozy Caribbean sun will leave you glowing, yet an overcast glare free day is just as enjoyable, and the odd burst of rain on a fall day will only cool you down a little (we’ll provide dry bags, so no need to worry when it comes to keeping personal items dry).

Your comfort is our priority but there really is never a bad time. So, jump kayak and join us for a beautiful experience, no matter the weather…

See you in the mangroves!

By Ali