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We had so much fun this summer. As soon as lock down was over, Big Blue Collective hosted a variety of Kids Camp adventures through July and August but it wasn’t just the kids that had a blast.

A big reason that most of us become scuba dlearn to scuba dive turks and caicosiving, kite boarding, paddleboard and kayak instructors in the first place is in the joy of introducing people to these watersports. The beauty of our kids camps is that we were able to delve deeper into these activities and nurture the students’ passion over a prolonged period of time.

More than 25 kids have learned to dive with Big Blue Collective over the last few months with more learning presently. Many went on to complete PADI advanced course as well and most used the opportunity to really build up some really solid dive experience including a series of memorable night dives.

As well as all the scuba diving, we went snorkeling, free-diving, kayaking, playing on the beach or hiking different nature trails across Provo and West Caicos. There was plenty to do for a variety of ages and everyone was thoroughly sunbaked, waterlogged and satiated by the end of summer.

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Free Diving.

Freediving is the art of breath holding and diving technique where practice and guidance can reap rapid rewards. When the kids start swimming 20, 30, 40, 50ft down they’re usually blown away with their own achievements and newly found skills. It’s then time to head to the edge of the wall where the excitement really begins. Freediving provides such a liberating feeling, especially in the clear blue waters of the Turks and Caicos.

Basic equipment is all that is required. Clear the mind, calm the breathing and down you go. Just you and the sounds of the ocean. Some of the girls in the camp truly excelled, 85ft dives and deeper became a common target for one in particular and that’s truly impressive. True water babies!


While many spent their time under the water, other kids took to kiteboarding with the Big Blue team on the beach in Long Bay. Equally as rewarding to the body and soul, kiting in the Turks and Caicos should be mandatory for all. There are few places so naturally blessed with perfect learning conditions and it does not take long for kids and adults alike to become hooked on this adrenaline sport.

Our sunset bonfire and night snorkel trips were a real hit too. Nothing like some late afternoon s’mores over a campfire before heading out to enjoy a starlight sky and night life on the shallow reefs. It was so much fun that we’ve introduced this little adventure into the Big Blue Collective menu for the new season. Sign up now. Even the parents were jealous. LOL.

Sub-wings were also consistently popular throughout the Big Blue Collective kid’s camp. Although the slow speed makes it look especially tame from the surface, being towed behind a boat on a directional board shaped like a dolphin’s fluke is serious fun. You feel like a dolphin, flying up, down and all around. We just had to remember to come up for a breath every now and then.

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A newly purchased Big Mable inflatable towing toy looks anything but tame. Siting three abreast and holding on tight, the kids snaked this way and that, screaming in delight. When the skilled captains turn and time the wake just right, Big Mable leaps through the air and for a moment it feels like flying. Can’t imagine why this was so popular!



Despite all the action, courses and beach fun, the biggest memory of the summer was all the jumping, somersaulting, sliding, and

diving. Whenever they had half a second, the kids were leaping into the water from the boats, cliffs, or dock again, and again, and again. But when the sun is hot and the water is this warm and beautiful, what’s not too love.

Great times and many more to come.


By Mark