Diving Lessons Turks and Caicos

Are you keen to learn to dive? There’s nothing better than the diving experience in the TCI! Diving in Caribbean waters means warm water, gorgeous wildlife and soft sand to relax on afterwards. With the Big Blue Collective looking after you every step of the way, you’ll soon be diving like a pro, with a suitcase packed full of memories and an exciting new hobby under your belt!

What is diving in the TCI really like?

Many describe learning to dive as a life-changing experience. Not only is it a new skill, but it’s a profound glimpse into a world many never see. You’ll experience the exceptional transition of your gear- which probably felt bulky and awkward above the water- becoming a weightless part of your being. You’ll experience your very first breath underwater as amazement, adrenaline, nerves and wonderment all meld into one unforgettable memory. You’ll be surrounded by light and sound that’s eerily similar to what you know, yet utterly different at the same time. Best of all, you’ll do it surrounded by an exceptional marine landscape populated by some of the world’s most glorious animals.

Your first dive won’t be your most skilful, but it will surely be one of your most memorable- and the Big Blue Collective are here to help you make it happen.

Why learn to dive with the Big Blue Collective?

The Big Blue Collective have been diving the TCI right from our inception in 1997. Our secret lies in keeping our diving tuition to small groups- we take a maximum of 4-9 divers at a time- which leaves us flexible, prevents the need to limit dive time, and enables our eagle-eyed instructors to focus on the overall experience for each diver.

Our dive team live on the islands full-time, many diving these very waters since the ‘80s, so their knowledge of the dive sites, reefs and water conditions is encyclopedic. We’re also proud to offer all 5 of the major TCI dive sites, including Pine Cay, North West Point, Grace Bay, French Cay and off-the-beaten-track West Caicos. We’re also not afraid to venture further in pursuit of the perfect experience!

Add to that our incomparable dive fleet. Fast and comfortable, they are the perfect way to explore the sea and get where you need to be. They’re also fully equipped with O2 kits and hold TCI marine certification. Remember, too, that we offer full equipment rental from the superb Cressi, Aqualung, Sherwood and O’Neill lines, meaning you don’t have to figure out the complicated logistics of bringing your own gear with you on your journey if you’re looking to travel light. All our equipment is thoroughly maintained and upgraded often, so you’ll never have to fight with sub-par scuba gear… all you need to do is come and enjoy.

The Big Blue Collective have our main base Leeward, offering superlative opportunities to asses the dive conditions and ensure you receive the very best experience. With our always-in-the-loop communications system ensuring all our teams can communicate easily, we’re able to scope out the best sites for the day, keep on top of dolphin, whale shark and whale sightings, and ensure you’re in the right place at the right time, all the time!

Learning to dive in the TCI with our well-rounded, experienced dive team means you have instant access to instructors with a combined scuba-history spanning over 2 centuries!

What dive certification do you offer?

We’re proud to be part of PADI (the Professional Association of Dive Instructors), so we are able to offer you almost any of their approved diving courses. From taking your first breaths underwater with their Discover Scuba tuition right through to the ultimate Divemaster course, we’ll help you make your diving dreams come true. Paired with some of the very best scuba equipment available worldwide, you’ll be able to learn and enjoy with full peace of mind, knowing you have the backing of rigorous professional standards and amazing equipment to make the experience a positive one.

PADI offer international recognition, rigorous safety standards, the world’s best dive safety record, and remain one of the world’s most sought-after diving institutions- and we’re proud to be part of the family. PADI training isn’t just about learning to dive, it’s about optimising your capabilities as a diver and ensuring, through continuous education opportunities, you can enjoy the very best the ‘underworld’ has to offer.

What is different about diving in the Caribbean?

Aside from the diving basics, diving in the TCI offers some truly unique experiences. Take your private party on a night dive, and watch the reefs come to life with millions of buzzing plankton and luminous coral clusters to explore. Enjoy obstruction-free, warm waters that range from shallow to deep, allowing you to enjoy the experience without worry or hassle. Or experience the ultimate in diving luxury with a private charter. No schedules, no strangers and the very best dive boats in the TCI are beckoning you to come play! Go where you want, learn in privacy away from watching eyes, and experience the very best of the TCI as your personal playground.

Diving in the TCI offers a truly world-changing experience. Whether you’re taking your first shaky steps into the underwater world, or are an experienced diver looking to tick ‘diving in the Caribbean’ off of your bucket list, the huge range of tailored offerings the Big Blue Collective have for you to explore are sure to make memories you’ll never forget. Why not get started, and make a booking with our friendly team? We always look forward to hearing from you!

Learn to dive with the Big Blue Collective today- you’ll never want to come out of the water!