Everything there is to know about kiteboarding

Are you keen to try out one of the world’s most exciting watersports? Then it’s time to kiteboard the Turks and Caicos! This remarkably accessible, yet adrenaline-pounding, sport is a particular passion here at the Big Blue Collective, so if you’re looking to learn to kiteboard, there’s never been a better time.

Will I like kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is an adventure sport on the water. If you can imagine taking a snowboard or skateboard into the water, adding the very best bits of windsurfing and sailing, and a pinch of wakeboarding just for fun, that’s just a taste of the adrenaline-pumping excitement of kiteboarding.

A kiteboard is something like a tiny surfboard, but with a power kite attached. This enables you to get some of the thrill of surfing- but with the added ability to skip over the sea, soaring on the wind. It’s an utterly unique way to experience the world around you. While it may sound a bit intimidating if you’re brand new to the sport, it’s also surprisingly easy to pick up, and there’s a lot less equipment than for many other watersports, too.

How do I learn to kiteboard in the Turks and Caicos?

The Turks and Caicos is a fantastic destination for experienced kiteboarders and new people alike. If you’re brand new to the sport, the Big Blue Collective teaches from our Long Bay shore club, and we’re happy to help with transport from Grace Bay if needed. We offer from-scratch beginners courses for those who need to learn to kiteboard, but we’re also able to offer a fantastic range of intermediate and advanced courses for kiteboarders looking to better their skills.

We can even help with older children (10-12 years +). This limit is due to the needed dexterity and coordination skills being missing in children of a younger age. It’s best to start kiteboarding when your little one is a bit more mature and capable of independence, anyway. 

Whether it’s you, yourself, or a loved member of your family, everyone can learn to kiteboard!

The Big Blue Collective difference

Why learn to kiteboard in the Turks and Caicos with the Big Blue Collective? We’re the most experienced kiteboarding team currently in the TCI. But it’s not just about the people (even though they’re great)! The weather and sea plays a huge part in your learning experience. Here in the TCI, you’ll find stunning weather, predictable winds, and warm seas ready to take the edge off of any learning tumble. Our exquisite beaches are far emptier than other areas of the Caribbean, and the water is still and shallow, making learning simple. If you already have keen kiteboarders in the family, however, there’s enough channels and back islands to offer them not only stunning vistas, but a challenge to their skills, too.


What makes the TCI weather so special?

We mentioned our predictable winds and warm sea- but what makes this unique corner of the world so special? The Turks and Caicos are perched on an underwater sea shelf, which means that the sea in the bays of Provo is reasonably shallow. Coupled with the protective landscape around us, this means that the inland water is typically smooth and rarely adversely affected by the weather.

Yet, as the shelf drops off further offshore, this opens the door for a much more exciting seascape, too. It enables diving, creates challenging back channels to explore, and even allows the annual humpback whale migration to make the TCI a key point of transit.

It’s not just about the geography, however! We’re blessed with year-round warm temperatures that will be a siren call to spend time on the beach. In fact, our (Northern Hemisphere) summer is a little too hot! That’s why the most popular time of year to visit is our gloriously sunny and warm winter months. The best news of all? For our visitors from the U.S, U.K or Europe, it’s also your winter! This means you can flee the grungy cold and snow, and enjoy a beach vacation packed with fun and sun at one of the best times of year to travel.

I don’t have kiteboarding gear!

Don’t worry! We have a range of suitable gear available to rent should you need it. This is especially useful when you learn to kiteboard, as it allows you to get the hang of the sport, test out high-quality gear with fantastic safety records, and discover what makes your watersport vibe with very little investment.

All the same, the Turks and Caicos are fully accessible from a range of international airports, especially the U.S continental mainland. So if you’d like to bring your own board and gear, it will be a simple matter to bring it on the plane with you.

What should I bring to my first lesson?

The most important ‘gear’ you need to bring to your first kiteboard lesson in the TCI is your sense of humour! Remember, everyone has a learning curve and we all started somewhere. It’s also important you wear swim gear in which you will be fully comfortable, even if you do take a gentle tumble into the sea. Ladies, we would suggest that a 1-piece would be more comfortable for you, although it’s a matter of personal comfort. It gets very hot on the water, and because you’re surrounded by the sea you may not realise you’re getting dehydrated, so bring plenty to drink. In fact, we caution everyone to take plenty of steps against sunburn- sunscreen and UV-tinted sunglasses are a must. Add a hat and ‘necky’, or neck protection, if you can. Did you know you can get sunburned on the water more so than on land? It’s due to the picture-perfect sea around us acting as a mirror to the UV waves that cause sunburn. We’d recommend you bring along a rashguard too- it will also make you look like a beach pro! Finish the package off with a (waterproof) Go-pro or similar way to record your first steps in this thrilling sport.

Learn to kiteboard in the Turks and Caicos, and you’ll be hooked for a lifetime! Why not let the Big Blue Collective help you with your first steps in this exciting sport today?