Sustainable tourism Turks and Caicos

Christmas is just around the corner! If the end of the year has crept up on you, too, don’t worry! There’s no more perfect a destination for a quick trip away from the cold weather than the spectacular Turks and Caicos. Whether you’re looking for a quick dose of the beach to offset the winter blues, or you just want somewhere spectacular to tick off of your bucket list, the Big Blue Collective are here to show you why Christmas in the Turks and Caicos is the best Christmas of all!

Skip the Numb Toes

Snow at Christmas is a wonderful thing- but not when you feel frozen to your chair! Why not spend the most wonderful time of the year in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Swap the firs for palm trees, and the cold for a sundowner on the world’s most beautiful beach. Your Christmas season could be packed with powder-soft white sand and turquoise seas. Let the rejuvenating warmth of this tropical paradise soothe your soul. Whether you want to swap the snowboarding for kitesurfing, or just want to relax and rejuvenate, we’re waiting to welcome you for the merriest Christmas of all.

Grace Bay’s Christmas Lights

There’s no lack of the Christmas spirit here on Provo, the bustling capital of this island nation. While Santa may only be packing his swimsuit when he visits, there’s plenty of festive joy to spread. Every resort creates their own unique holiday displays on a spectacular scale, and Grace Bay comes to life with a string of bright and cheery lights that are the perfect excuse to get out, meet friendly locals at the bars and restaurants, and enjoy the fresh breath of the tradewinds in your face.

Party through December

Of course, we add our own special flair to the scene, with fun festivals, beach parties, and tons of activities to keep you and the little ones in the festive spirit. Drink in the sights and sounds of the Maskanoo parade on Dec 26th. Deeply rooted in tradition, with African touches brought by slaves who worked the salt plantations, it is a masquerade carnival like no other. Celebrate the lively spirit, unique culture, and rich history of the islands alongside the locals. The rhythmic drums will entrance you, while colourful, glittery costumes lend vibrancy and life. While the parade on Provo is the best known, there’s similar celebrations to enjoy on Grand Turk and Middle Caicos, too. Find the perfect memento among the handmade crafts on sale, sip a drink, and enjoy the vibe. Our local nightlife is the perfect blend of chill and vibe, so whatever you love to do to celebrate, you’re sure to find it in spades among the friendly faces. And the food is fantastic, with many places putting on gourmet meals to celebrate the season and the fresh seafood fare alike.

A New Year like No Other

From beach bonfires to rocking music in the many excellent cafes, bars, and restaurants, a lively New Years Eve is a guarantee. Our beaches are both safe and beautiful, so most celebrants head out to share and play- and if you’re near Grace Bay Beach, there’s a fantastic firework display to kick off the famous countdown, too. Visible from any point on the island, it is an incredible sight that will fill you full of hope and promise for a great year ahead.

The Turks and Caicos also has the Old Year’s Night tradition, where the mostly Catholic island population heads to special church services. Even if you’re not a practising Catholic, however, there’s an amazing experience to be had as the church bells ring out across all the islands, wishing us all good luck and cheer for the year ahead. 

Wave to the Whales

The Humpback Whale migration, one of the largest in the world, opens in the last weeks of December before hitting its peak in January through March. If you’re very lucky, you may have the unparalleled chance to catch these massive beasts at play in the water for a Christmas experience you’ll never forget.

And even if you don’t get lucky with a whale sighting, there’s so much marine beauty here to dazzle you you will leave with your soul happy and your spirits high. From rays and lemon sharks flitting under your stand up paddle board, to the vibrant flitting of the tropical fishes around you as you snorkel and dive the pristine barrier reef lying just offshore, you’ll never be disappointed in this tropical haven like no other. Explore the untouched natural beauty of the backislands on an eco-tour with the Big Blue Collective, or meet the iguanas of Iguana Island up close and personal. Scul slowly up the Mangrove channels in a kayak, and experience nature from a perspective few ever see. Tuck into a scrumptious picnic on a near-deserted beach in Middle Caicos and the back islands, then head back to your private villa to relax in the lap of luxury.

This is the perfect time of year for a private yacht charter, so why not make one your Christmas gift to yourself? With our experienced and knowledgeable skippers at the helm, all you need to do is enjoy! Whether you want to chase the best locations for exhilarating watersports, explore the bays and cays and their remarkable ecological beauty, or just head out to sun in a private spot on deck, the islands are your oyster.

There’s so much to see and enjoy at Christmas in the Turks and Caicos. Give yourself the greatest gift of all, and come experience the festive cheer of the TCI for yourself. You’ll make memories that will last forever, and friends you’ll always remember- what a perfect way to end the year!