turks and caicos concierge adventures

If you’re looking for adventure in the Turks and Caicos, look no further! The Big Blue Collective offers an exciting range of organised trips around the TCI that will ignite your daring, expand your worldview, and soothe your soul.

Not just about fun in the sun

Of course, no trip to the beautiful Turks and Caicos would be complete without some serious beach time! We do, after all, have some of the best beaches in the world, and we know that the powder-soft sand and warm turquoise water will call to you. It’s time to work on that tan!

Yet this gorgeous archipelago is about so much more than just the beach- and today we’re going to show you exactly why adventure in the Turks and Caicos should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Explore nature’s hidden face

Here on the Big Blue Collective’s blog, we talk a lot about the fantastic watersports on offer. From kayaking and snorkelling to kite surfing and full diving trips, the sea is a cornerstone of adventure in the Turks and Caicos. Kind and gentle enough to buoy beginners, yet with enough challenges to keep more experienced visitors on their toes, we’re confident to say there’s no place better in the entire world to experience the best the sea has to offer.

When it comes to the Turks and Caicos, however, the utterly unique geography of the islands offers you a chance unparalleled anywhere else- and that’s to take those fun watersports out of the bay and into the backchannels. Our organised trips around the TCI seamlessly blend land and sea, adventure and challenge, adrenaline and soul-soothing, into one feat of nature you have to experience to truly understand. It’s time to experience the difference- and escape the ordinary forever. 

Visiting the out islands with the Big Blue Collective

While the TCI is best known for Grand Turk and Provo, the real adventure starts off the beaten path. South, North, Middle and East Caicos, the ‘out islands’, all have hidden secrets they’re longing to share with you. With over 20 years of experience on the islands, the Big Blue Collective knows how to bring the landscape to life in one of the most gratifying and interactive ecotourism experiences you will ever encounter.


Explore wildlife, heritage, and breathtaking views from land and sea. Plantation ruins will evoke your inner romantic, while primal limestone caves speak to humanities past. And here, far off the tourist track, you’ll also find some of the best beaches, empty but for yourselves. Today Middle, South, and North Caicos may be sleepy and relaxed, but these were once-thriving hubs of industry and agriculture. Taste delicious seafood fresh from the boat, and meet friendly islanders to welcome you.

How to start your adventure in the Turks and Caicos

If you’re keen to explore the hidden side of the islands and find out all her secrets, leave it to us. Most of our organised trips around the TCI will use boats, although we also work closely with local taxi networks so their air-conditioned vans are at your disposal. South Caicos can be visited by boat or air, depending on the rest of your schedule. We offer our land- and water-based tours to everyone, but you’re also welcome to use the same itinerary from a private boat charter if you’d like to incorporate more snorkelling, paddling, and exploration. If you want to go as a private group, be it small or larger, you will be able to fully customize the trip to suit your whims.

We offer many exciting adventure packages for you to enjoy:

Heart of the Islands

Experience the best of North and Middle Caicos. Explore major scenic sites, and meet the traditional culture and friendly people who call the islands home. Flamingo Pond Nature Reserve, the Conch Bar Caves National Park, the ruins of Wade’s Green Plantation and other exciting destinations await, all framed by pristine nature and brought to life by local guides keen to showcase the beauties of their home. Round off the day with succulent, fresh seafood and other local fare at the Blue Horizon.

Wild Cow Run

Head further off the beaten path than in Heart of the Islands, and explore the wilds to the east of Middle Caicos. Abandoned cotton plantations, remarkable beaches, and sleep villages await. Wild Cow Run beach will lead you to the Windward Going Through channel, a sensational spot for swimming and beach-combing. Cays and beaches abound. 

The Big South Adventure

South Caicos was once the heart of salt production, and the delightful Bermudian style of Cockburn Harbour is sure to call to your heart. Watch out for pink flamingos, and enjoy the historical tour of these picturesque stonewalled streets. Head out on a fishing boat, explore Long Cay National Park, and snorkel the vibrant reef at Dove Cay. Watch the fishermen haul in the days catch as you enjoy the freshest seafood around. 

Joe Grant’s Cay and Beyond

The uninhabited islands of Joe Grant’s Cay and Eas Caicos showcase the pristine natural beauty you will find nowhere else. This is a tour of scenic views and deserted coastlines, sand bars and glowing turquoise water. Snorkel and walk, picnic under the trees, and explore the ruins of long-forgotten plantations. This spellbinding trip into the wilds of the TCI will enrapture you.

Backcountry Safaris

Whether by kayak or stand up paddleboard, this is your chance to explore the mangroves and intertidal zones of the TCI. All nestled in protected wilderness, the wetland is only accessible by shallow boats or boards. Here you will find a destination like no other in the Turks and Caicos, and spend a day paddling hidden creeks at one with nature. 

Bird watching

The TCI is a haven for birdwatchers, with coastal scrub, tidal wetlands, and tropical dry-forest each attracting their own unique species. From Heron, Egret and Sandpipers to Flamingos, Antilleans Bullfinches and Birds of Prey like American Kestrals, it’s a wealth of feather and song. While all our tours celebrate the local birdlife, we also offer dedicated birdwatching adventures with experienced guides specially trained to help you make the most of the experience.

Remember, most of our organised trips around the TCI are booked for private groups from 2-8 people, giving you the chance to customise your trip exactly as you wish. Why not join the Big Blue Collective for an adventure in the Turks and Caicos today?