private diving in turks and caicos

Private diving in the Caribbean is possibly one of the best-kept secrets around. We’re sure you know already that the Caribbean offers some of the best diving experiences in the world- but did you know you can have it all to yourself, too? If you’re truly looking for something a cut above the rest, it’s time to consider a private diving session with the Big Blue Collective and our experienced dive team- it’s a luxury that will create memories that will never fade. 

What on earth is a private diving experience?

Diving is one of the most accessible water sports in the world, and it opens your eyes to vistas our ancestors could never imagine. From poking around the skeletons of famous shipwrecks to experiencing the magic of coral reefs and their colourful inhabitants right up close, diving is an experience everyone should try at least once. From the icy-cold waters of some coastal areas to the ever-warm lull of the Caribbean, no two dive destinations are ever the same, either. You’re capturing a mental snapshot in time from a world almost beyond the human imagination. The gaudy displays of coral and reef fish, the curious manta ray and small sharks that approach, the alien outlines of the reefs formed from millions of tiny skeletons… you’re far from home and seeing sights many have never dreamed of. 

Yet, there is a little bit of a downfall in this accessibility. Dive charter groups abound. Many people take the opportunity- especially in the Caribbean- to experience this sub-aquatic wonderland. While the TCI remains off the beaten path and far less crowded than many other Caribbean destinations, it can still be too much human traffic for you to truly enjoy the magic of the experience.

Enter private diving. This luxury experience is perfect for divers looking for a little bit more from their time in the water. 

So, I will be diving completely alone?

We wouldn’t just abandon you in the water, of course! While our niche private diving experiences offer an unparalleled chance to have the water to yourself, all of the private diving experiences the Big Blue Collective offers are fully supported and guided. Your entertainment- and your safety- are our number one priorities. You’ll have the benefit of the expertise from our resident dive crew. Your boat charter will come full stocked with all the mod-cons you could want, in a boat the right size for your group and your individual needs. Our skilled captains will take care of all the nitty-gritty, and the dive team will help construct the perfect itinerary for your interests.

With over 2 decades of life on the island under our belt- and staff who are fully resident, not casual part-timers- we have all the knowledge you need to construct the private diving experience of your dreams. We’ll tailor the itinerary to suit your skills and interests, and lessons can also be added to the plan if you’re a diving novice. You just get to skip the crowds and experience the underwater landscape without interference.

Is diving in the Turks and Caicos good? 

We might be a little biased, but we’d say it’s the best in the world! Truly this is a landscape like no other, and the same reflects under the water as on land. 

The world’s third-largest barrier reef lies mere meters off the shore of the popular island of Provo. This pristine natural environment- in much better health than its more famous cousin- offers a spectacular range of reef diving. Animal sightings in the area are superlative too. A huge swathe of the reef falls within the borders of the National Park system, meaning it’s protected and nurtured carefully despite tourist activities in the area. It’s a true statement to the fact that man and nature can work together.

The barrier reef isn’t our only fabulous diving spot in the TCI, however! In fact, there’s so many fabulous spots to explore we created an entire blog post to celebrate them! But the unique geography of the area means that, in addition to flatter water sites, we also have a few spectacular walls you can dive down.

There’s also our local ‘big blue hole’ (no reference to us, we promise), even larger than it’s more famous cousin in Belize. Several cave systems are just waiting for you to explore, and there’s even a few wrecks for keen divers to enjoy. Whether you want to stay close to the beaches, or head into the pristine environs of isolated West Caicos for a unique eco-tourism experience like no other, the wealth of diving in the TCI open to you will delight even the most jaded heart.

Experienced, ethical and fully exclusive private diving- it’s a TCI must!

Nowhere else in the world can you experience such a gorgeous landscape all to yourself. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that the Big Blue Collective offers ethical, climate-supporting tourism at every step. We know how important it is to preserve these glorious sights for our children, too. 

With the largest private charter fleet in the TCI at your disposal, and the help of our knowledgeable guides to ensure only a positive experience, don’t you think it’s time you tried out our exclusive private dive packages for yourself? Experience the very best diving the TCI has to offer, without the crowds or the hassle. There’s truly no better way to enjoy everything this gorgeous island chain has to offer. 

Why not book your elite private diving experience with the Big Blue Collective today? It’s our pleasure to help you craft the holiday of a lifetime, free from anything that could detract from the magic of the experience.