Sunset private yacht charter turks and caicos

We talk a lot about boat rental in the Turks and Caicos, and we’re sure you’ve seen tons about our private yacht charters, too. What actually is the difference? Today the Big Blue Collective dives into the world of private boat charter and unpacks everything you need to know about making a success of the experience. 

What is the difference between the boat rental and yacht charter?

Technically speaking, they’re very similar- instead of bringing your own seagoing vessel into the island’s waters, you’re paying someone else who maintains their boat here to use theirs. In practical terms, though, the two experiences are pretty different. It doesn’t help that you’ll likely see terms like ‘private boat charter’ used when you rent a luxury yacht, either! So here’s the breakdown of both. 

What to expect from boat rental in the Turks and Caicos

The typical boat rental in Turks and Caicos are vessels you use either in hourly increments, for a half-day, or for the full day. There’s two types of boat rental, just to muddy the waters a bit further:

  • Actual boat rental
  • ‘Renting’ a boating trip

The first one is the most obvious. You will have use of the boat on loan from its owner.  You will also be the captain of this ship for the time you use it, which is why these tend to be smaller pleasure boats. You’ll have to bring along everything you want to use, from fishing gear to water sports equipment and obviously, you’ll need the skills to handle a small boat. 

Another type of boat rental in the Turks and Caicos involves public trips. Many full- and half-day trips, especially with activities included are advertised as boat rental like this. Here you will likely have a big vessel and the captain will come with, but you have no real control over who comes with you on the trip. Larger parties may find they take up the full boat capacity, but couples or smaller families will probably find others sharing the trip with them. 

What, then, is a private boat charter?

A private yacht charter means you will rent a luxury yacht entirely for your own whims, for whatever period of time you wish. The Big Blue Collective offers fully crewed charters, which means the boat will come with a skilled captain on hand. Not only does this keep you safer and ensure you have someone who knows the waters intimately to look out for you, it also brings a ton of personal knowledge to the experience. 

Your captain will know where the best spots are for what you want to do, and how to read the waters to get you the best experience possible. They also free you up to do as you will- no bad sunburn or overindulgence with the wine will place your safety at risk, you’ll always have a calm and collected captain to deliver you back to your villa at the end of the day.

Our private boat charters also come with snacks or lunch included. You’re free to go where you want and do what you want. Depending on the size of the boat, all our fleet carry snorkelling equipment and many carry dive equipment and even kiteboards, too. You can have a look at our scintillating fleet to find the right boat for you. 

We do also offer private yacht rental for specific experiences, notably our whale watching trips, our eco-tours and some of our dive tours. While these fall under the ‘private boat charter’ banner, they’re also geared specifically towards the activity in mind and you will be provided with any needed extras you book. This could be your tour guide, your rented dive equipment, a specific set itinerary and more, and represents a more focused trip than is generally common when you rent a luxury yacht. 

The full charter boat experience

A private boat charter with the Big Blue Collective also has one other noted feature in the somewhat uncertain times 2020 has brought us- your boat is yours for the time you hire it. There will be no strangers on board, and we don’t do public trips. This means you will have the added peace of mind of knowing you’re socially distanced from other island visitors, keeping your party even safer.

In short, when you rent a luxury yacht via charter, you effectively set up a mini cruise for yourself and your loved ones, in which you can schedule specific activities or go where your whims take you. Pull up at beautiful destinations to snorkel or dive, and then float on to the next gorgeous spot. You can see the back islands, experience the beautiful beaches and warm, languid waters, and keep yourself a little distant from the crowds. With your skilled captain on board, you’ll have a veritable island encyclopedia on your hands, helping you find all the best spots for water sports, diving, fishing and play. 

Boat rental in the Turks and Caicos is an essential part of experiencing everything the TCI has to offer. So many of our beauty spots are found under the waves, and so many of our secrets lie on the back islands, that using a private yacht charter lets you drink in the true island experience in a way nothing else can.

The Big Blue Collective are super-proud of the fact that our private yacht charter fleet is consistently voted one of the best on the island. We work hard to ensure guests receive only the best experience, with our skilled captains well-versed in island secrets but discrete and able to create an intimate family atmosphere onboard without feeling like there’s a stranger on-hand. Keen to experience the TCI from the water? Why not get in touch today?