Turks & Caicos diving

South Caicos, aka the Big South, is the fishing capital of the Turks and Caicos and for good reason too – it is loaded with fish. The upwelling from the Turks Passage brings deep water up from thousands of feet onto the shallow Caicos Banks nourishing the marine life around these eastern cays and islands with vital nutrients.

Diving in these islands has always been synonymous with Grand Turk’s wall and the walls due west of Provo, Northwest Point and West Caicos. Lessor known, but equally as good are the dive sites off South Caicos and Long Cay. Here the sites are frequented by Eagle Rays, sharks, and other pelagic fish while the coral is some of the best in the country, blessed by that deep water upwelling.

Long Cay shows the stunning contrast between the East and West sides

This season we are introducing South Caicos and her underwater world to our scuba diving guests. With boat times only half an hour longer than our trips to West Caicos and French Cay, we feel this new full day dive experience is well worth the time and the distance. Especially as the shallow water crossing is generally calm and flat. Earlier starts will allow us to cross the banks with the rising sun and still be underwater between 9 and 10am. Just pulling into Cockburn Harbour is reason enough to go. This breathtaking corner of the Islands is visually stunning. It is remote and untouched. A real throwback to the days of old. Tucked between the southern end of South Caicos and the Northern tip of Long Cay, the historic protected sleepy harbour sets the tone for the day and is also perfect for our surface intervals as we chill between dives.

South Caicos is blessed with some amazing coral formations

If you love your diving, if you love adventure and you want to experience and see a different side to the islands then we cannot recommend a trip to the Big South highly enough. South Caicos is a Turks and Caicos bucket list destination. A must see and a must dive. We look forward to taking you there and showing you the goods. Indeed, our first guest of the 2023 season is already on her way there. She has no idea how much she is going to love it. You will too.

See you on, in and under the water.