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As one of the leading ecotour and adventure companies in the Turks and Caicos, Big Blue Collective considers the environment a paramount resource; doing all we can to preserve these crucial eco systems. Hence supporting local environmental and conservation initiatives is of utmost importance. Inevitably inviting a collaboration with the TCI Film Festival, whose primary focus is based around acknowledging the problems faced by our oceans and the environment.

What exactly is the TCI Film Festival (TCIFF)? It is an International Film Festival, spearheaded by Colin Burrows, relying on sponsors to spark important conversations about the oceans and sustainability.  The TCIFF drew on Big Blue knowing we are the most eco-conscious, sustainability focused company in the Turks and Caicos. TCIFF entrusted us as a primary role model and center of education for their youth program.

Our Annual Summer Camp

With screams of delight, kids of all ages thoroughly enjoyed our thrilling yet educational summer camps. Running for well over a decade we have allowed kids to further their knowledge on the environment, our oceans and common marine life. All while expanding their capabilities through introduction of various activities including snorkeling, sub winging, diving, kite boarding and so forth. These incredible outdoor experiences invite children to make strong connections with the ocean and develop vivid interests, forming lifelong hobbies and in some cases even professions.

We are now beginning to see summer camp students return to Big Blue years later, no longer as participant but as young adults joining our knowledgeable team to share their love, passion, and drive – nurtured and instilled in them through fond childhood summer camp memories – to protect and educate about our environment, their home.

More about this later…

Summer Program Collaboration

This year we were delighted to extend this program to children at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre. Our collaboration with TCIFF invited the opportunity for our education-based camp to reach children island wide (who typically have not previously taken part), broadening local education.

Accompanied by our very own marine biologists, Kaylam Pratt and Nichoy Bent, the children were provided with an endless realm of knowledge. Discovering the environment and oceans that surround their home, through new and enjoyable experiences as they kayaked the mangroves, grasped the art of snorkeling, explored iguana habitats and ventured out to West Caicos. All wonderful outdoor experiences: the best way to learn!

We are devoted to educating the islands youthful population on the importance of our oceans and environment because if we fail to protect and preserve these fragile eco systems now, future generations will suffer the dire consequences. Therefore, by encouraging up and coming generations to not only want to further their knowledge and assist in the preservation of our home. The most effective education is through experiences which is why we are devoted to giving kids hands on encounters, ultimately benefiting our oceans and the environment while enriching their lives through meaningful experiences.


By Aaliyah