The weather may be turning to winter at home, but that doesn’t mean snow and sleet have to be your only companions! Winter in the Turks and Caicos means extra fun in the sun- and where better to head for the full Caribbean experience than to the beach? Here’s the Big Blue Collective’s favourite TCI branches, perfect for idyllic holidays away from it all. Why not indulge in a luxury yacht charter and spend this winter beach hopping through the islands? Greet the sun on one beach and watch it set on another- these beautiful coasts are calling to you.

Grace Bay

No list of the best beaches in the TCI would be complete without Grace Bay Beach. Often voted one of the best beaches in the world, it lies along Provodinciales’ North coast. Many resorts, as well as many of our private villa partners, are in the same area, making it ultra-convenient as well as spectacular. 

What many visitors don’t realize, however, is that Grace Bay Beach is part of the Princess Alexandra National Park, and the TCI barrier reef lies just offshore. This makes it the perfect destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, or to board your private yacht charter, as well as to bask in the sun. Be warned, however, the abrupt transition to the shallow waters of TCI bays can make coastal navigation from a yacht a little tricky, so it’s always best to take an expert skipper who knows the waters well.

The soft, white sand and azure waters of the Turks and Caicos are a key part of the island experience, and you’ll experience them at their very best on Grace Bay Beach. Believe us, pictures don’t do this beauty justice!

Leeward Beach

Leeward Beach is another famous Turks and Caicos beach you have to include on your itinerary. Most of the TCI beaches are tranquil, protected by the arms of the bay and shallow waters of the undersea shelf that holds the island. Leeward Beach, however, is particularly calm, and with few big resorts in the area, it’s typically quiet and peaceful too. 

There are some spectacular villa rentals available in the area if you’re keen to embrace the peace for yourself.  If you were hoping for the perfect launch point for scintillating water sports like Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking, the channels east of Leeward Beach are ripe for exploration. Have fun beachcombing and collecting seashells, work on your tan, or enjoy the warm water that’s beckoning you- it’s up to you!

Long Bay Beach

Another can’t-miss among the beaches of the Turks and Caicos is Long Bay Beach, so be sure to add it to your beach-hopping itinerary. This gorgeous beach plays home to much of the kiteboarding in the area, with the spectacular Caicos Banks offering exquisite expanses of water and the kindly eastern trade winds bringing steady and predictable power. It’s the perfect beach for beginners and pros both, which is why we teach from here, and the gentle, shallow water means everyone can have fun.

There’s ample mooring for your private yacht charter all along Providenciales, and permits are only needed for boats over 60 feet/18m. Deeper drafts may have some trouble pulling directly into the bays, however, due to the shallow water depth. You’ll still be able to moor in Grace Bay, Bight Beach, and Parrot Cay, however, even with a deeper vessel. 

If you’re looking for an interesting dive spot, or simply something exciting to do on your private yacht charter, the wreck of the La Famille Express lies offshore of Long Beach, too. Grounded and sunk during Hurricane Frances in 2004, it’s a popular spot to enjoy

Half Moon Bay

Are you looking for something a little different? Strictly speaking, Half Moon Bay is a sandbar lagoon that filled in to form the beach over time, protected by Water Cay and Little Water Cay around it. Who cares about the semantics, however? This is a tiny piece of paradise everyone should get the chance to enjoy, and should be a part of every dream holiday in the Turks and Caicos. This is the best place to spot the Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana, and the lagoon to the south side of the beach makes for a wonderful spot to snap photos or enjoy some tranquil breathing room. You may even see some tiny lemon sharks playing in the lagoon!

This area is underdeveloped for tourists, so many prefer to visit Half Moon Bay as part of their private yacht charter rather than by foot. Shallow draft boats should find it simple to moor off the coast.

North Bay Beach

This little beach often lies off the radar for visitors, but it really shouldn’t! Here you will find the perfect Caribbean beach experience-  white and peach sand, crystal-clear water, reefs to explore through snorkelling, and some room for exciting water sport adventures. What’s even better than that? You may well be the only people on the beach, too! Salt Cay is one of the less inhabited Turks and Caicos Islands (although you can stay here if you would like), so the chances of crowds are practically nil. With this in mind, it makes the perfect spot to round off your beach-hopping adventure with a cocktail or two as the sun sinks into the bay. 

Bonus: Pine Cay Beach

Pine Cay Beach is found on the north coast of the private island of Pine Cay, where most celebrities have their homes in the TCI. There’s one resort here, Meridian Club, but you can also find some spectacular private villa charters to enjoy if you’d like a chance to experience this beach. It’s also connected to Half Moon Bay by a sandbar if you want to spend a day hiking and exploring rather than floating on the sea. Its secluded and semi-private nature makes this a great beach for tranquility and quiet, and you can enjoy the same calm water, glistening soft sand, and warm sun of the other TCI beaches.

If you’re looking for a dream holiday, why not spend some time enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Turks and Caicos? Whether you set aside some time on your private yacht charter to enjoy the warm sands, or simply want to spend all day basking on the beach, there’s nothing that will delight the heart more than these exquisite beach destinations. If you’re keen to incorporate some water sports or experience the thrills of this pristine natural environment, remember that the Big Blue Collective team is always on hand to help you craft the vacation of your dreams, too.