Big Blue Collection Tripadvisor Reviews

Tripadvisor has fast become the king of the holiday metasearch. Bringing together people from all over the world to share their experiences, travel tips and low down on the areas they visit, they’ve become a travel institution. Today, no smart traveller books a trip without having a peek at this ‘google for tourists’ to check what people just like themselves have to say. From hotels and BnBs to service providers and much more, the wealth of knowledge embraced by the Tripadvisor family is immense. We at the Big Blue Collective are proud to have maintained a superlative reputation on Tripadvisor for many years- but why listen to us? Let’s look at what travellers just like yourself have to say, instead.

Being part of the Big Blue experience 

Big Blue reviews come from people just like you- those who’ve taken us at our word and believed the adventure can really start here. We specialise in small group to private experiences across a range of travel services. We’re dedicated to ensuring that we maximize the guest experience while still limiting our environmental impact, helping to sustain this gorgeous area of the Caribbean for future generations too.  

This means we offer a service that’s educational without being boring, intimate without feeling forced, and puts you, the guest, front and centre of every experience. We specialise in watersports, with some of the best, fully-accredited instructors around. It doesn’t matter what you want to do- kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, kite-boarding, snorkelling, scuba diving and boat charters or out-island eco-tours. We can assist you in creating the journey of a lifetime!

We’ve been established since 1997, and our operators are not transient ‘imports’ to the island. This is our home, and that passion for this beautiful island chain shows in everything we do. We travel the length and breadth of the TCI archipelago, taking you to the adventure. Exploring is our passion, innovation our trademark and the ocean our inspiration. Our overarching goal is to set the standard in adventure in the Turks and Caicos. 

Big Blue reviews; what our guests have to say

Are we living up to that lofty goal, however? We certainly believe so- but don’t take out word for it! Here’s what some recent Turks and Caicos reviewers have to say:

1. Kayak Eco Tours

Kayaking is a gentle sport, accessible to many guests, and a perpetual favourite among visitors. No experience is needed, and lifejackets are always provided. It allows you to have fun on the water without needing a steep learning curve, and is the perfect way to explore the TCI in a way that’s fun as well as leisurely. Your guide will point out the diverse bird and marine life you pass- including turtles and even rays. Learn more about the fascinating mangrove channels, and spot wildlife up close and personal.


Had a fantastic time touring the mangroves with Robert. You get to see little sharks, so many turtles, fish, and birds. I would recommend trying to use the paddleboards since the angle was clearly better but still a great experience from kayak level. Super recommend… wear bug spray! Robert explains how the mangrove survives the tides and did a great job pointing out the wildlife. ~Luz Maria Madonna

2. Edges of the Banks Snorkel experience

You can’t come to the TCI and not snorkel! These TCI reviews are about one of our flagship snorkelling offerings. Explore secret spots free from the tourist trail and enjoy the sight of the pristine reefs around West Caicos and French Cay. A relaxing hour’s boat tour from Provo, you’ll also have the chance to experience the open ocean and maybe even spot a whale or dolphin on the way.


Perfect in every way. The tour was very well organized.

Brent and Mike were great guides and guides are what make the trip. The boat itself was very comfortable. The guides were both professional and friendly. We took about an hour boat ride to a very healthy reef and snorkel for 45 minutes. This was followed by some fruit. We then went to another snorkelling site but were interrupted by a whale and a pod of dolphins. They stopped the boat and we jumped in. We were swimming amongst probably 30 or 40 dolphins. then we went to a deserted beach for a rest and had some lunch. There was pasta salad, wraps, chips and the like. There was a reef there that was also very healthy. Finally, we went to a wall. There was a big reef shark sighting. This was followed by some brownies and banana bread. Then the hour boat ride home. All in all, a perfect day. ~Garykas

3. Cruise the Caicos Cays

What’s a Caribbean Island without a cruise? As you’ll see from these Big Blue Tripadvisor reviews, we also offer a range of boat tours, both private charter and shared trips, throughout the TCI. With a versatile fleet and experienced captains, you’ll have ample chance to learn about the marine environment as well as enjoy the pristine views. There’s even a chance for snorkelling! This cruise- encompassing Parrot Cay, Iguana island and plenty of gorgeous uninhabited beaches, is a perennial favourite.

The only tour company to use! For our second year in a row we’ve done an adventure with Big Blue. We love their extremely professional guides & the commitment to the environment. Today while snorkeling this was solidified even more as we were able to compare our trip to wild and loud other ones. Our guides educated has on everything down to getting in the water to help ya find sea life. The focus on an ecological to touring is so important to us. This is the only tour company on Provo we’d ever use or recommend. ~ Nancy

Experience the Big Blue difference

There’s plenty more where those come from! From kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding, diving and island eco-tours, the Big Blue Collective offers you a true taste of the island. As you can see from these Big Blue reviews, Tripadvisor and our happy visitors believe we offer a superlative Turks and Caicos experience. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence and strive constantly to maintain it. So if you’ve been a visitor in the past, why not add to our Tripadvisor reviews and share your experience, too?