Are you heading out to the TCI soon? The Big Blue Collective are waiting to meet you! Of course, you aren’t going to get very far on your journey without getting your flights in place first. Fortunately, despite our small size, the Turks and Caicos are fairly easy to access from a huge range of airlines, especially if you’re willing to travel via the continental US. Here’s our easy guide to TCI flights and carriers for the 2019 year, whether you’re heading here solo or bringing the whole family!.

Are there direct flights to the Turks and Caicos?

Yes, there certainly are! While you can get to the TCI from literally anywhere in the world via the United States, there are also many other destinations offering you flights straight into Provo’s international airport. Depending on the airline (and your geographic distance from the islands), there may be a refueling stop or plane swap, but through partner alliances you will be able to book a roundtrip with the airline with all costs included- taking you straight from home to the beach, hassle-free

Travel to the TCI from the US couldn’t be easier

The United States offers direct flights to Provo from 10 major cities. While the New York hub is the most popular departure point and offers the most departing flights, you can easily book a range of flights from Miami, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale and many other main cities, so you are somewhat spoilt for choice. Your best airline choices will be JetBlue, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta and SouthWestern, all of which offer multiple routes and departure points you can tailor to suit you.

Non-US North American flights:

Air Canada offers a comprehensive range of flights leaving from almost every major city in Canada. These include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec and Ottawa, among many more, so you are guaranteed to find a flight that fits your needs. While each route does vary slightly depending on your departure airport of choice, they all run regularly during the later week ( most route departures are Wednesday-Sunday), so you won’t have to delay for even a day. These flights are typically direct. WestJet also offer some Provo flights.

Getting to the TCI from South America:

Direct routes into Provo depart from Cuba and Havana regularly. Excitingly, the Havana route, which runs a non-stop flight daily, is run by our official airline, interCaribbean, itself. Caicos Express Airways also runs weekly routes from these destinations. Whether you’re here in the popular seasons, or opting for an off-season adventure, it couldn’t be simpler to get here.

Arriving in the TCI from all Island nations:

Finding direct routes to the TCI from the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Antigua and the British Virgin islands is a cinch. Again, interCaribbean Airlines dominate the direct routes from these destinations, although Bahamasair comes a close second, and most routes offer at least two flights weekly, if not daily.

Flying to the TCI from Africa:

The many rich airline partnerships on the continent allow for connecting round-trips direct to Provo. Most long-haul international flights from the African continent depart from either Johannesburg via OR Tambo airport, or from Cape Town International airport. While the length of the flight means that most of these flights are code-shared through the Star Alliance network, both Qatar Airlines and Turkish Airways offer ‘direct’ routes to the TCI. Likewise, South African Airways also offer many routes to the island. Air France and British Airways also operate regular connecting flights through these airports. Most of these routes are offered with once weekly departure dates. SAA also offers a route which will take you straight to Grand Turk.

How do I get to the TCI from Europe?

Our European visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting to the Turks and Caicos from their hometowns. The only airline currently flying direct flights into Provo is British Airways, departing through the Heathrow (London) hub. However Lufthansa and Air France also operate code sharing routes to Provo from multiple European destinations. You will also be able to easily access United Airlines flights from multiple European destinations, and can connect to the Turks and Caicos anywhere on Air Canada’s routes.

Can I travel to the TCI from the Middle or Near East?

As with our African visitors, the large distances involved means that there are no direct, single airline routes currently available from the Middle and Near East. Don’t worry too much, however- Qatar Airways offers a codeshare route to Provo, as does Turkish Airways. You will need to depart from Abu Dhabi or Doha to catch these flights. Air Canada, British Airways, and American Airlines all offer Middle Eastern routes which will connect you to the islands, as well. These routes typically only operate weekly or bi-weekly, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

What if I live further afield?

If you are travelling from Australia, Japan, China or India, or if we didn’t mention your homeland above, don’t worry! You still won’t have too much trouble getting to the TCi. Qantas Airlines does offer a code sharing route for Provo. Otherwise, look for a fantastic deal that will take you into any of the main United States hubs, and pick up a connecting flight to Provo International Airport from there. Your journey may be a little longer, but the trip will be well worth it!

No matter where in the world you live, you’re sure to find a great deal on an airline flying to the Turks and Caicos. The Big Blue Collective looks forward to welcoming you when you arrive.