Kiteboarding in the Carribean

Are you looking for the best place in the world to learn kiteboarding? Then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no better spot to learn to kiteboard than the Caribbean, especially the Turks and Caicos, and today the Big Blue Collective are going to show you exactly why. 

The islands themselves are perfect

Sure, sure… you probably hear that about every destination, right? However, the Turks and Caicos truly is the place to learn to kiteboard.

  1. The water is forgiving:

No obstructions. Bays where you can put your feet down and still only be waist-deep. Crystal clear, warm water that holds no shocks. What could be better when you’re a beginner just learning the ropes? If anything goes wrong, you can just stand up and walk out of the water. No need to stress, panic or worry if you’re going to get yourself into a bind. 

While there are many other beautiful kiteboarding destinations in the world, safe, shallow water is a rarity. No need to grapple with the complexities of relaunching in deep water when you’re still learning the ins-and-outs of your board. No walking back upwind to compensate for errors. No flailing around trying to regain control of your board. All you need to do is keep learning, and try again. 

2. No people, no stress, and no embarrassment

The Caribbean is a gorgeous retreat, but you probably picture it as crowded beaches and watching eyes everywhere. That can add a lot of stress for a beginner scared they’ll embarrass themselves or be judged! From your own emotions to the irritation of being surrounded with other, equally unpredictable learners who may tangle your kite or collide with you, it can feel like a fraught process. Later on, of course, you’ll laugh at the good memories, but while it’s happening it isn’t so fun.

That’s why the Turks and Caicos is the perfect place to learn to kiteboard. There’s space enough for everyone to learn calmly and without crowds. Perceived cost, worries about flights to the islands and more mean we don’t see the tourist traffic that other areas do. It’s perfectly possible to find beaches where you’re the only people in sight!

3. The wind and the weather aren’t a stumbling block

If you want to learn to kiteboard, you don’t want to spend days waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction, or waiting out unexpected thunderstorms. And in the TCI, you won’t. Of course, there’s nowhere in the world that Mother Nature is 100% predictable- but the Turks and Caicos sure comes close. Our windy season lasts for 10 months of the year. What’s even better, is that the steady predictability of the trade winds mean we have a good idea each day of the wind direction we’ll receive. Nor are these gusty, unpredictable drafts. Solid, reliable winds are exactly what a beginner wants- and nowhere else in the world will you get them as regularly as in the TCI

You aren’t limited to just kiteboarding

Despite these fantastic climatic conditions, you don’t have to come to the TCI to learn to kiteboard and only stick to your lessons. You may be learning, but this isn’t school! Learning to kite surf in Provo is the perfect way to master a skill and get some valued vacation time, too. There’s tons of other activities to break up your learning experience and keep you feeling fresh and interested. From other water sports like kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and diving to exploring the lush flora and fauna of the pristine back islands, you’ll have ample chance to relax, unwind and refresh your brain before your next lesson. 

Some of the best kiteboarding instructors in the world can be found here

Just like any water sport, if you’re going to learn to kiteboard in the TCI, it’s important you learn to do it right. Safety should be a key feature of any lesson. While your lessons themselves will always be under the eagle-eye of your instructor, you want to leave the experience feeling fully confident in your own abilities. That ranges from how to conduct yourself safely on the board, how to be a polite water user if there’s others around, and the basics of the craft right through to knowing you have the skills to launch yourself in any weather and sea conditions. 

The Big Blue Collective has decades of experience at hand. We’ve taught, worked and lived in some of the best kiteboarding destinations worldwide. We’ve had our own mishaps, and have the fun stories to share about them. We also take our training seriously. All our instructors are fully certified and have the experience and know-how to help you gain the confidence and skills you need. We also have the benefit of being a Kalama Kamp partner, able to offer you access to one of the world’s leading kiteboarding figures and his in-depth knowledge of the sport. 

The Caribbean, The Turks and Caicos and the Kiteboarding sport needs YOU

In short, it’s official- the TCI may well be the best place to learn to kiteboard in the world. The only question remaining is when you’ll take your first lesson! From raw beginners to seasoned pros looking to up their game even further, the Turks and Caicos- and the Big Blue Collective team- are looking forward to welcoming you.